Client Success Story

Executives Secure Exposed Home Cameras Compromising Family and Company

The Hero of the Story:

Managing Partners

Managing Partners of Financial Firm
Both have young kids at home
Both with high-end systems professionally installed by a leading provider
  • One with a camera system outside the home, one with a camera system inside the home
  • Both with home automation systems
Hired the “best” audio visual and home automation staff

The Problem

Executives’ home cameras were vulnerable.

Home office was exposed by a camera pointed directly at their work monitors where they often had confidential information on screen

Every computer device on the network was viewable once you got into the home automation system

All past recordings were also viewable

Security review discovered that the systems were open to strangers, so anyone could be watching their kids and their private moments

Personal cybersecurity is a company problem.


After meeting with the Managing Partners to learn more about their situation, we recommended a comprehensive plan that started with an in-depth initial examination and ended with implementing proactive security measures to stop any future attacks.

Examine the home automation and camera systems for weaknesses, easy passwords, or inherent vulnerabilities

Partner with the professional installers to remediate the risks identified

Secure all areas of their digital lives to ensure privacy (e.g. protecting devices)

Protect other executives on the team to mitigate risk to the firm as well as their families

Putting the Plan into Action

Both Managing Partners enrolled in a BlackCloak Principal Plan. What’s more, an additional ten executives & their families enrolled in a BlackCloak Executive Plan. They also connected BlackCloak with the professional installers to address their home camera and home automation vulnerabilities.

Given their unique risk profiles as financial firm leaders, they opted to deploy deception technology with the BlackCloak Platform. This deception technology proactively alerts them and BlackCloak when a hacker is targeting and scanning their devices, keeping them one step ahead before a breach occurs.

As a CEO I know I am a target for hacking and other attacks. I am always worried about the Internet safety of my children and this one hit too close to home. Could hackers find out who we are, who my children were, watch our network, or even monitor financial information about my company? These are the types of risks that companies and corporate executives cannot directly combat, unless they have a trusted concierge cybersecurity partner like BlackCloak backing them up.

The Results

Secured home systems to prevent future attacks

The Managing Partners successfully secured their home automation and cameras, preventing any further data or privacy leaks for the firm, executive team, and their families. Weekly scans of home networks ensure camera and home automation systems remain secure. Privacy hardening on executives’ devices protects the data of both the executive team and the firm. By partnering with BlackCloak, the team can now stay one step ahead of identity theft, malware, and other cyber threats.

Are attackers targeting your executives to target your company?