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Hackers Target You for Access to Your Wealth, Influence, or Company

Antivirus is not enough.

Credit monitoring can’t stop the hack.

Navigating cybersecurity requires expertise.

Corporate protection can’t extend to the home and family.

You Can Protect Your Family
and Your Company

We help you protect what matters.

Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy™

The BlackCloak Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform is a holistic solution combining software and services for both cybersecurity & privacy to help you protect your reputation, your finances, and your family.

Protect Your


We remove sensitive personal information from Internet Data Brokers, perform dark web searches for exposed personal credentials, and implement privacy settings to protect against data leakage and identity theft.

Protect Your


We perform penetration testing and regular scans of your home networks to detect compromised networks, weak cybersecurity, BotNets and other security issues, and to prevent decisions children and family make online from resulting in a compromise.

Protect Your


We monitor and secure your personal devices, including cell phones, tablets and computers, using the same enterprise-grade tools used to secure corporate networks and devices.

BlackCloak Peace of Mind

Protect Your


We monitor and secure your personal devices, including cell phones, tablets and computers, using the same enterprise-grade tools used to secure corporate networks and devices.

Protect Your

Peace of Mind

With BlackCloak as your trusted partner, you’ll protect what matters most and have control over managing your cybersecurity and privacy risk – and your personal advisor will always be just a call, tap, or text away.

Protect Your Company by
Protecting Your Executives™

According to the Verizon DBIR, C-Suite executives are 12 times more likely to be targeted. And, that targeting extends to their personal lives. BlackCloak offers corporate plans so your company can extend protection beyond the metaphorical four walls into their homes and personal lives without invading privacy.

How We Help You

BlackCloak is specifically designed to help individuals with high-risk of being targeted by criminal organizations or nation-states for their wealth or corporate access.

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High-Profile or High-Net-Worth
Individuals and Families

You are a target for your wealth. If you are a celebrity or public persona, they also want access to your influence in things like social media accounts. Our goal is to help you protect all avenues a cyber criminal might take to get it.

With our software, we monitor your devices – phone, computer, tablet, etc. – and keep you informed real-time about the state of your security & privacy. Our security operations team scans your home network, your cameras, or smart home system for vulnerabilities or malware. And, we may also help you with everything from identity theft protection and credit monitoring to removing personal information from data broker websites and privacy hardening on your devices.

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Devices have malware or their
home has open cameras or IT

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Leaking Data

Improper privacy settings
on devices leaking


Exposed Passwords

Improper privacy settings
on devices leaking

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No Security

Cell phones & tablets lack
security software

What People Are Saying

- HNWI, Business Executive - Entertainment & Advertising

With all the uncertainty and danger in our world, it’s comforting to know that BlackCloak is a ring of defense for my family when it comes to the threats behind every random key stroke or click.

– Aerospace & Defense Chairman and CEO

The security of my family’s electronic devices is important to me. I felt I needed an independent look at all our electronic device security measures.

You can never be too safe in this cyber world we all live in. I now have peace of mind that what I am doing is making it that much harder for those that wish to cause me harm! It is something I am very glad I have done.

– Former COO, Bank of America Global Commercial Bank

After many years as a senior leader of one of the nation’s largest banks, my reputation, my family’s privacy and the security of our financial and personal accounts is paramount to us.

I have lots of options available to me, but I choose BlackCloak and its team because of its reputation, in depth protection, concierge service and band ability to protect us.

– CEO, Retail Food Company

I never thought my Facebook account would be targeted. I have nothing special in there. Then one day I suddenly had negative postings pushed out from my account which I had not done.

Thankfully, BlackCloak was able to assist and identify the issue that resulted in the account compromise and secure my Facebook account from future attacks.  It’s comforting to know that BlackCloak has my cyber back!

– CEO, Major U.S. Hedge Fund

As a CEO, I know I am a target for hacking and other attacks. While the BlackCloak Team was protecting my family and I, we learned that one of our children had dozens of viruses and keyboard loggers on her computer putting our home network at risk.

These are the types of risks that companies and corporate executives cannot directly combat, unless they have a trusted concierge cybersecurity partner like BlackCloak backing them up.

– CEO, Wealth Planning Firm

My business is working with Ultra-High Net Worth Families. One of the top concerns for them and my family is our Cyber-Security. I have witnessed a number of families being compromised and not knowing where to turn.

BlackCloak has been the solution we all have been searching for… but unable to find.

– Independent Consultant

After I downloaded a malicious virus about 1 month into the service, BlackCloak identified it, contacted me, and then cleaned my machine.

I have never before experienced such proactive service in this space and am thrilled to be a client.

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