BlackCloak High Net Worth Partner Program

If you specialize in wealth management, legal, personal IT, or home automation service, your high-net-worth or high-profile clients have unique needs. They trust you to understand those needs and fulfill them. BlackCloak partners trust us to help protect their customers and clients from targeted cyberattacks, online fraud, identity theft, and other modern threats to digital security and privacy. We work with you in referral arrangements to help you provide your clients with the best value possible.

Cybersecurity & Privacy
Affect Every Industry

From individuals and families of wealth and status to celebrities, it’s no longer if a cyberattack will happen — but when. Our dedicated team of cybersecurity and privacy experts provide a bespoke, concierge digital executive protection solution to help your customers and clients, and their companies and inner circles, protect their personal digital lives.

Our Partners

BlackCloak partners with wealth managers, Family Offices and other organizations whose high-profile or high-net-worth clients are uniquely vulnerable to cyber attacks, financial fraud, and identity theft. We work collaboratively with you to deliver digital protection to those with little time and a lot to lose, extending your value as a trusted partner and deepening your customer relationships.

BlackCloak wealth management
Wealth Management
& Family Offices

We help protect your high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth clients from the cyber threats and vulnerabilities that pose risk to their wealth, assets and reputation, so they can rest easy and you can continue to support them with confidence.

Law firms symbol: Scales
Law Firms

BlackCloak has the legal, privacy, and cybersecurity expertise to guide both you and your clients on how to avoid a breach as well as how to remediate one after the fact.

Other trusted advisors
Other Trusted

Cybersecurity and personal privacy protection are complicated and ever-changing but BlackCloak provides the expertise and white-glove treatment to keep clients safe from cyberattacks.

What You Can Expect
from BlackCloak

BlackCloak Product

BlackCloak’s award-winning SaaS-based Concierge Cybersecurity and PrivacyTM Platform combines proprietary software, including online privacy and identity theft protection, desktop and mobile device security, network intrusion detection, and incident response, with white-glove client service backed by a U.S.-based 24/7 SOC II, Type 2 security operations center. 

Partner Models & Incentive Programs

We have different models for each partner’s unique needs. From informal referral programs to deep integrations, we will work with you to create a program that fits the value proposition you want to provide. Sales cycles are as fast as one week.

Education & Marketing Tools

We provide comprehensive sales and marketing support through personalized onboarding experiences, webinars, content, actionable alert notifications, and more. 

Training & Support

Ongoing product training is available as needed to ensure your team can easily communicate the value of our partnership to your clients. No technical training, ongoing product configuration and management, or SOC/security team involvement is required. 

Partnership Benefits

There is no other Digital Executive Protection solution like BlackCloak. Let us delight your customers and help them obtain peace of mind while you sit back and reap in the rewards. 

  • Flexible compensation packages
  • Short sales cycles (as quick as one week)
  • Improve customer loyalty and engagement
  • Reach new markets and customer segments
  • Comprehensive sales and marketing support
  • Personalized employee and end user onboarding 
  • No technical training/product configuration required
  • No SOC/security team involvement
  • Monthly reports

To learn more about our offering for High-Net Worth Individuals and their families, watch the following video.

Learn More About Our
Partnership Program

Partner with BlackCloak and let us protect your customers and clients from the cyber threats, fraud and scams that pose significant risk to individuals and families, and the companies that they lead.