BlackCloak is the preeminent Concierge Cybersecurity & PrivacyTM Platform for high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives.

Our Story

The challenge of providing privacy and cybersecurity for high-profile persons and executives targeted for compromise has been a problem our CEO has worked to solve over two decades. Previously there was no holistic solution to this problem. Until now.

BlackCloak was founded to solve the complexities of an ever-changing world of cybersecurity products and technologies that are difficult to implement, provide inadequate protection, do not change as threats evolve, and cause high user frustration.

Our Team

Our Team is at the forefront of this emerging market of Concierge Cybersecurity that protects its members with the highest grade of cybersecurity protection coupled with expert advice, guidance, and education to mitigate their risks. BlackCloak offers a broad array of plans that are further optimized in a bespoke manner to match the threats faced by the members we protect.

BlackCloak is headquartered in Orlando, Florida with operations throughout North America.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Chris Pierson

A globally recognized expert on cybersecurity & privacy, Chris is responsible for the strategic direction of BlackCloak and the development of its proprietary protection technology and approach....
Chief Experience Officer

Ingrid Gliottone

Ingrid is responsible for overseeing and executing on BlackCloak’s customer-centric strategies and delivering an exceptional white-glove customer experience resulting in increased customer loyalty....
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Christopher Linde

Chris is responsible for managing the operations of BlackCloak, coordinating internal forensics, security, and finance teams and the customer-facing experience team to ensure products and services...
Head of Sales & Marketing

Christine G.D. Schaefer

With a unique balance of being data-driven, creative, and people-centric, Christine leads the sales and marketing team at BlackCloak. Over the last twenty years, Christine has led go-to-market efforts...
Chief Information Security Officer

Daniel Floyd

Daniel is responsible for the security and infrastructure of BlackCloak, overseeing the Security Operations Center, Threat Intelligence Platform, and Penetration Testing & Forensics Teams.  Daniel...

Board Of Directors

BlackCloak’s Board of Directors is comprised of Dr. Chris Pierson and John Funge. Together, they bring a wide range of executive cybersecurity experience to help bring BlackCloak to a broad array of customers and partners.

Board Member

John Funge

Chief Product Officer, DataTribe
Founder & CEO

Dr. Chris Pierson

Founder & CEO, BlackCloak


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Privacy Is In Our DNA

We are cybersecurity and privacy professionals. Our mission is to make you harder to hack and to protect your family and its privacy. We will never sell your personal data.


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