BlackCloak Digital Protection

Concierge Cybersecurity & PrivacyTM Platform

Attacking an individuals’ online privacy, home networks, and personal devices to bypass enterprise security controls and move laterally into an organization’s digital infrastructure, or to commit cybercrime, online fraud, reputational damage, and identity theft, is now a mainstream concern for CISOs, executives, and those with wealth and status.

A Smarter Approach
to Online Privacy & Personal Cybersecurity

The attack surface has expanded. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting executives and high-profile individuals in their personal digital lives. As we embrace technology and become more connected, it’s not if you’ll be a target, but when. Your life online introduces cybersecurity risks to your finances, your reputation, and your identity. The risks are too great to go unchecked.

BlackCloak ensures that your online privacy, personal devices, and home networks are protected — anytime, anywhere. As a SaaS-based platform with white-glove concierge support, BlackCloak protects clients from targeted cyber attacks, identity theft, online financial fraud, and other digital risks. Plus, our mobile and desktop applications make it easy for you to monitor activity in real-time while client support is just a few clicks away.

How Digital Protection Works.

Protecting you and your family requires an expert team and tailored approach for each device, person, and home. Merging advanced anti-malware technology, incident response, and network intrusion detection technology with 24/7 threat monitoring and concierge support, BlackCloak ensures that every aspect of your personal online privacy and cybersecurity is covered.

BlackCloak Platform
  • Cutting-edge technology (anti-malware, network intrusion prevention, endpoint security)
  • Intuitive desktop and mobile experience
  • Built from decades of experience in cybersecurity, intelligence, law enforcement
Concierge Support
  • Expert support on-demand
  • US-based Security Operations Center
  • Ongoing security recommendations
  • Highly tailored strategy


by removing sensitive personal information from Internet Data Brokers, performing dark web searches for exposed personal credentials, and implementing device privacy settings to protect against data leaks and identity theft.


by performing weekly penetration testing and regular scans of your home networks to detect compromised networks, weak cybersecurity, BotNets and other network and Internet of Things security issues, and to prevent decisions children and family make online from resulting in a compromise.


by monitoring and securing your personal devices, including cell phones, tablets and computers, using cutting-edge endpoint technology built specifically with online privacy in mind.


by serving as your partner and giving you control over managing your cybersecurity and privacy risk – and we’ll always be just a call, tap, or text away.

Mobile & Desktop Application

Targeted cybersecurity threats are a growing issue for high-profile individuals, corporate executives, and those with a high net worth. As a pioneer of digital executive protection, BlackCloak has engineered an award-winning product that helps you protect your personal digital life so you can spend less time worrying and more time focusing on what you do best.

Mobile and desktop experiences mean easy access, wherever you are

Concierge-level client support from BlackCloak experts in just a few clicks

Real-time updates and reporting show you exactly where your cybersecurity stands at any moment

Intuitive color-coding visualizations let you know your risk at a glance

Ability to monitor the security of your personal, home, and family devices

Education portal provides you with up-to-date cybersecurity tips and industry news

Who Benefits
From BlackCloak Digital Protection?

Successful Individuals & Families who are targeted for their wealth, access, social status, and reputation.

Companies at risk of cyberattacks and unauthorized access originating in an executives’ personal digital life.

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