Chief of Staff

Allison Owen

Allison Owen serves as the Chief of Staff at BlackCloak, where she steers the organization through complex strategic and operational challenges. With a comprehensive background across HealthTech, FinTech, and CyberTech sectors, coupled with a BS in Business and Enterprise Management from Wake Forest University, Allison brings a deep and diverse toolset, making her a pivotal figure in performance management and corporate development for BlackCloak. In her role, Allison plays a significant role in BlackCloak’s strategic alliances and partnerships, synchronizes cross-functional teams, and ensures alignment with corporate goals, showcasing her strategic foresight and practical expertise. She leads the organization through change, manages high-stakes decisions, and maintains clear communication across senior leadership and staff.

Previously she served as Director of Marketplace at Stax, where she crafted business plans to penetrate new markets through strategic integrations. She managed key partnerships, served as the liaison between marketplace partners and legal teams, and enabled both internal and external teams on new market opportunities. Additionally, as Senior Manager of Consumer Operations at HomeX, Allison managed B2B2C and B2C marketplace programs.