VP of Product

Matt Covington

With over 25 years of experience in product development and management within the technology sector, Matt Covington brings a wealth of expertise to his role at BlackCloak.

In his role at BlackCloak, Covington oversees the development and implementation of product strategies, enhances the user experience, and ensures that product offerings align with the company’s strategic goals. His appointment underscores BlackCloak’s commitment to leadership and excellence in the personal cybersecurity industry.

Covington's experience includes over 15 years as a Product Manager, with a strong track record of delivering products that enable customer success. His expertise spans a variety of solutions, from mobile apps to SaaS services.

Before joining BlackCloak, Covington served as the VP of Product Management at ZeroFOX. There, he spearheaded strategic development for the platform and influenced the market evolution of a new external cybersecurity product category. This category emerged from the rapid convergence of Attack Surface, Digital Risk Protection, and Threat Intelligence use cases. His tenure at ZeroFOX also saw the development of roadmap strategies for generative AI, facilitating the programmatic creation of intelligence products based on large language models.