The Problem

IT professional was controlling CEO’s home network, personal computers, and family emails from the office.

  • The final straw was when the IT professional pranked the CEO and family on their computers
  • Company concerned that the individual would retaliate on family or company
  • Company couldn’t fire the IT professional because they worked for the company as well
  • IT professional refused to give the passwords to control the home wireless network
  • CEO wanted to ensure he and his family were secure from the prying IT professional
  • CEO wanted to change providers but didn’t know how to do so securely

The CEO needed to protect his family and his company.

BlackCloak’s Guidance

We developed a holistic plan to protect the CEO and his family as well as the company. Our four-step approach included:

  1. Protecting the company and family from data loss, extortion, and negative business impact
  2. Working alongside a new IT services firm to implement new infrastructure in the home
  3. Confirming all computers and mobile devices are protected with security monitoring software
  4. Placing privacy protections on personal accounts and devices

Putting the Plan into Action

The CEO coordinated with a new, outsourced IT provider recommended by BlackCloak. The new provider started by replacing all current physical equipment. Once done, BlackCloak secured the homes and infrastructure. With help from BlackCloak, the new IT provider tightened up family privacy by reducing the family’s online presence by removing their personal information from Internet Data Brokers, hardening privacy choices on all devices and accounts, and adding deception technology to all devices for advanced tracking of hacking attempts. Our comprehensive plan protected the family’s privacy, devices, and homes.