Client Success Story

An Executive Mother Protects Her Family from Financial Fraud & Harassment

The Hero of the Story:

An Executive Mother

High-profile president of a large aluminum company.
Wife and mother.
Referred to BlackCloak by wealth managers.
The Problem

This Executive Mother experienced repeated fraud and impersonation attacks that put herself, her family, and her company at digital and physical risk.

Her social security number was compromised, with cybercriminals attempting to open multiple fraudulent credit card accounts.

Fraudsters impersonated her identity on calls to her wealth manager on numerous occasions.

Post mail was stolen from her home mailbox several times, leading to fear from her family of physical risk of attack.

Beyond attack in the digital world, the well-being and physical safety of The Executive Mother and her family were now at risk.

In an effort to get help, The Executive Mother contacted local police, who proved to be unhelpful. When approaching other IT security companies to act on her behalf, she was met with scare tactics instead of trusted assistance.


The Executive Mother found help with BlackCloak. We initiated a comprehensive five-step plan, beginning with a discovery call to better assess the full situation, and then creating a situation-specific strategy that would be effective both in the short and long-term to protect her and her family.

Setup a discovery call to determine how cybercriminals gained access to her social security number.

Conduct a thorough device and network analysis.

Rescue personal email accounts which remained compromised.

Install two-factor authentication on all personal networks and devices.

Install a password manager and eliminate the reuse of passwords.

Putting the Plan into Action

The Executive Mother onboarded BlackCloak’s Concierge Cybersecurity and PrivacyTM solution to execute this remediation strategy. We immediately conducted a thorough analysis of her personal devices and networks, changed vulnerable passwords across accounts, and installed two-factor authentication in every available instance. The Executive Mother retained ongoing BlackCloak membership for herself and is evaluating the need to purchase it for her whole family.

The Results

Secured accounts, cards and networks

By contacting BlackCloak, The Executive Mother has continual monitoring and protection against future financial fraud and threats from cybercriminals. Her personal emails were recovered and secured, challenges with credit bureaus were resolved, and she now uses a secure, password manager to protect all her accounts. In addition to her sensitive information and devices being protected, The Executive Mother also regained her peace-of-mind, knowing that her family is no longer under threat of physical or digital attacks. She can now live and work in the digital and physical world with confidence and security at her back.

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