The Problem

Social media account hijacked to get to critical company data.

  • Attempts to get fraudulent money transfers and other problematic messages sent to other employees through his personal messaging app
  • Company was exposed to a reputation risk if the CxO couldn’t regain control of account
  • CxO and team members that were impacted felt uneasy about their security
  • The social media account of a C-Suite member was hacked

It wasn’t just the executives at risk, it was the entire company.

BlackCloak’s Guidance

A hacked social media account can cause significant reputational damage and put everyone connected to the account at risk. We recommended a four-step approach merging immediate action with ongoing executive cybersecurity education to mitigate current risk while stopping future attacks.

It was important to execute the plan without invading the privacy of the CxO or encroaching upon control of his own accounts

  1. Review account setup and privacy settings of social media account
  2. Understand the privacy and security settings across all personal accounts
  3. Implement security that balances ease of use for CxO with security
  4. Secure the email tied to the account for further risk mitigation

Putting the Plan into Action

After reviewing the plan, the company’s CxO had BlackCloak get to work on all aspects of executive cybersecurity and personal privacy related to the hack. This included:

  • Implemented Mobile Protection Software
  • Hardened personal device security and privacy settings
  • Established dual-factor authentication
  • Scanned deep/dark web for exposed passwords
  • Implemented an encrypted password vault for personal use
  • Advised on password strength on all accounts
  • Installed BlackCloak Mobile App on all Personal Devices

BlackCloak also put additional executive cybersecurity and privacy plans in place for the entire c-suite team, including personal device security monitoring for vulnerabilities or malware, home networks scans, and more.