The Problem

Fraudulent Wire Transfer Requests.

(the only thing that stopped wire transfers was that the Philanthropist smartly had dual-factor set-up on bank accounts)

  • Not receiving emails from wealth manager
  • Credit freeze lifted without his knowledge
  • Credit card fraud
  • Unemployment Fraud with his identity

Because of his philanthropy and work history, the Philanthropist is a public figure with available information that could be leveraged for identity theft. He reached out to BlackCloak to protect his digital life and his peace of mind.

BlackCloak’s Guidance

We recommended a two-part strategy to make both an immediate and long-term impact on the Philanthropist’s security and privacy.

Initial Account Security

Pattern of attacks led us to believe he had a business email compromise. As a result, we recommended the following steps:

  • Launch a forensic investigation
  • Secure current accounts
  • Implement dual-factor authentication on all accounts
Ongoing Monitoring & Support

We also developed a plan to provide ongoing concierge cybersecurity and privacy support, including:

  • Credit monitoring
  • Identity theft protection and insurance
  • Data broker removal
  • Home network and botnet scanning
  • Device monitoring & protection — desktop and mobile

Putting the Plan into Action

The Philanthropist chose to take control of his digital life and signed up for the BlackCloak Principal Plan. With his word, we launched an immediate forensic investigation within hours of our first call. We also worked together the same day to go through onboarding steps, including:

  • IP scan
  • Installing desktop and mobile apps
  • Dark Web scanning
  • Dual-Factor authentication training and assistance
  • Transferring passwords from notes on his phone into a password manager
  • Password safety training
We added additional security measures:
  • Switched email service providers
  • Worked with our client to set up his new email account
  • Removed email alias accounts set-up by cyber criminals

After onboarding, we administered Internet Data Broker Removal Services for our client and his wife, proactively removing personal information from Internet Data Brokers to reduce the possibility of future unemployment fraud or identity theft.