The Problem

CISO was struggling with executives using personal devices for company work, leading to cases of identity theft and other lapses in personal cybersecurity threatening corporate digital security.

  • Executives were pushing back on the company extending protection into their home and on personal devices
  • Intellectual property and company data was leaking outside the company controls
  • Shortly after starting the new digital executive protection project, the executive team was compromised with identity theft

The CISO needed to protect the executives to protect the company

BlackCloak’s Guidance

We developed an actionable, four-step plan to help the CISO get buy-in from the executive team and enhance the company’s security posture and business identity theft protection.


Garner buy-in from the executive team for a digital, personal cybersecurity executive threat protection program that meets corporate standards for cybersecurity — while at the same time, overcoming their objections of giving up control of their own personal device security and their privacy.


Put a holistic program in place that secures the company through:

  • Hardening privacy on all personal devices and accounts to prevent social engineering.
  • Improving personal device security of executive team.
  • Identifying and remediating vulnerabilities on home networks.

Roll new program out with quick, efficient meetings to ensure executives are not taken offline or away from work for unnecessary periods of time.


Remediate the new, recent identity theft issues.

Putting the Plan into Action

  • Internet Data Broker Removal Services to prevent social engineering of executives to get at corporate infrastructure
  • Protect Executives’ Personal Mobile Devices and Computers to detect and remediate malware and other vulnerabilities that could expose corporate intellectual property
  • Weekly Home Network Scans to determine vulnerabilities on router, in home automation systems and in security camera systems

With BlackCloak’s guidance, the CISO made the program roll-out as frictionless as possible, creating short onboarding meetings to empower executives with total control over their accounts and their program participation.