Digital Executive Protection for Executives, Board Members, and High-Access Employees

Executive cybersecurity and digital privacy protection.

Your executives are
not alright at home.

Cybercriminals now regularly target the personal cybersecurity of company leaders with access to finances, confidential information, and proprietary data. But enterprise security cannot extend into personal lives.

BlackCloak bridges this gap, protecting your organization from cyber risks originating in an executive’s personal life, while also protecting the executive and their family from targeted cyberattacks, digital fraud, identity theft, reputation damage, physical threats, and other damages and disruptions.

Man uses a laptop at work

Personal digital lives
are vulnerable.

The weak points in personal cybersecurity are endless. It presents significant risks to both the individual and the company.

Home networks icon

23% of executives have open ports on their home networks

Home network security icon of two cellphones

39% of executives personal devices contain malware

Home network targets of cyberattack icon

87% of executives personal devices have no security

IP Address protection icon

40% of executives have their home IP address available on data brokers websites

Company password icon of a red key

69% of executives have passwords leaked online

The future of executive threat protection is digital.

BlackCloak helps company leaders and security teams attain peace of mind knowing that digital privacy, personal devices, and home networks are always protected, and that support is never more than one-click away.

  • Seclude your security team from the productivity, legal, privacy, ethical, and compliance burdens that are inherent to protecting executives’ personal privacy protection and cybersecurity.
  • Strengthen executives’ personal device security and harden home networks, applications, personal email, and systems against targeted cyberattacks and digital fraud.
  • Protect the integrity of confidential information and communications by protecting executives’ home networks from hijacking, eavesdropping, takeover, and WiFi threats.
  • Minimize your executives’ digital footprints to reduce their risk of personal email and social media compromise, identity theft, cyberstalking, swatting, doxxing, and extortion.
  • Prevent email threats, malware, and ransomware originating in your executives’ personal devices and networks from moving laterally into your organization.
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What our members are saying.

- HNWI, Business Executive - Entertainment & Advertising

With all the uncertainty and danger in our world, it’s comforting to know that BlackCloak is a ring of defense for my family when it comes to the threats behind every random key stroke or click.

– Aerospace & Defense Chairman and CEO

The security of my family’s electronic devices is important to me. I felt I needed an independent look at all our electronic device security measures.

You can never be too safe in this cyber world we all live in. I now have peace of mind that what I am doing is making it that much harder for those that wish to cause me harm! It is something I am very glad I have done.

– Former COO, Bank of America Global Commercial Bank

After many years as a senior leader of one of the nation’s largest banks, my reputation, my family’s privacy and the security of our financial and personal accounts is paramount to us.

I have lots of options available to me, but I choose BlackCloak and its team because of its reputation, in depth protection, concierge service and band ability to protect us.

– CEO, Retail Food Company

I never thought my Facebook account would be targeted. I have nothing special in there. Then one day I suddenly had negative postings pushed out from my account which I had not done.

Thankfully, BlackCloak was able to assist and identify the issue that resulted in the account compromise and secure my Facebook account from future attacks.  It’s comforting to know that BlackCloak has my cyber back!

– CEO, Major U.S. Hedge Fund

As a CEO, I know I am a target for hacking and other attacks. While the BlackCloak Team was protecting my family and I, we learned that one of our children had dozens of viruses and keyboard loggers on her computer putting our home network at risk.

These are the types of risks that companies and corporate executives cannot directly combat, unless they have a trusted concierge cybersecurity partner like BlackCloak backing them up.

– CEO, Wealth Planning Firm

My business is working with Ultra-High Net Worth Families. One of the top concerns for them and my family is our Cyber-Security. I have witnessed a number of families being compromised and not knowing where to turn.

BlackCloak has been the solution we all have been searching for… but unable to find.

– Independent Consultant

After I downloaded a malicious virus about 1 month into the service, BlackCloak identified it, contacted me, and then cleaned my machine.

I have never before experienced such proactive service in this space and am thrilled to be a client.

Protect Your Executives, Protect Your Company.

BlackCloak’s SaaS-based Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform combines proprietary software and incident response with white-glove concierge service, and is backed by a U.S.-based security operations center that has achieved SOC II, Type 2 compliance. The digital risk protection platform is easy for employees of all technical levels to use, doesn’t interfere or integrate with any corporate security controls, and prioritizes each user’s personal privacy.

With BlackCloak, your executives,
and by extension your company, will be protected from:

Account takeover icon

Account Takeover

Home network security intrusions icon of a house in a red circle

Home Network Intrusions

Physical threats icon

Physical Threats

Botnets icon


Identity theft icon of a face captured in a frame

Identity Theft

SIM swapping icon

SIM Swapping

Business communications hijacking logo of two speech bubbled in red circle

Communications Hijacking

lateral attacks icon

Lateral Attacks

Social engineering attacks icon

Social Engineering Attacks

Credential harvesting icon

Credential Harvesting/Reuse

Malware icon of a bug in a red circle


Spoofing icon of a megaphone


Cyberstalking icon


Man in the middle cyberattack symbol

Man-in-the-middle attacks

Home network WiFi attacks symbol

WiFi Attacks

Business data leaks icon

Data Leaks

Online financial fraud logo of a dollar sign in a red circle

Financial Digital Fraud

Device vulnerabilities icon

Device Vulnerabilities

Personal email compromise protection icon of a phone in a red circle

Personal email compromise

A data report labeled “Quantifying the Business Need for Digital Executive Protection”

Quantifying the need for Digital Executive Protection.

Learn just how vulnerable your executives are in their personal digital lives.

Get started with Digital Executive Protection.

Personal privacy protection icon

Digital Privacy Protection

Personal device security icon of cellphones

Personal Device Security

identity protection companies icon

Personal SOC

a home network security icon

Home Network Security

Companies Incident Response Icon

Incident Response

BlackCloak white glove concierge cybersecurity services icon of a bell

White-Glove Client Service

Executive carries personal tablet
Customer Story

Cyber Heroes

A client associated with a prominent family office experienced a close call with cybercriminals, only to be saved by BlackCloak’s cutting-edge cybersecurity measures. The drama unfolded when the client, on the advice of a reputable wealth management firm, received a deceptive Norton phishing email. The email falsely informed the client of an account charge and […]
Executive carries personal tablet
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High-Profile Client's Nightmare

A high-net-worth individual (HNWI) client of one of the world’s largest global wealth management firms faced a harrowing digital breach. The infiltration, undetected for nearly two years, was finally recognized by the wealth management fraud team on behalf of their client,“Scott”, and counteracted by a BlackCloak cybersecurity expert. In January 2022, a stealthy bad actor […]
Executive carries personal tablet
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Family Office Clients Saved from Malicious Cyber Attack

Upon being alerted to the issue, the BlackCloak security team promptly launched an investigation. They discovered that three malicious Chrome extensions – My Search Finder, Search Tab, and Hide my History – were downloaded onto the client’s computer. These extensions were not just nuisances; they were gateways for cybercriminals to infiltrate and compromise the family’s […]
Executive carries personal tablet
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Venture Capital Associate's Home Security Breach

In a stunning revelation, BlackCloak, uncovered a series of critical security lapses in the home network of “Allen”, a known associate of an early-stage venture capital firm. This incident highlights the often-overlooked vulnerabilities in personal network security. During the initial onboarding Penetration Test conducted by BlackCloak, it was discovered that Allen’s residence had 12 home […]
Executive carries personal tablet
Customer Story

Multinational Manufacturing Giant Thwarts Major Business Email Compromise

In what could have been a disastrous cyber-attack on a leading multinational manufacturing company, a vigilant B2B executive’s query about undeliverable emails led to the discovery of a major Business Email Compromise (BEC). Thanks to the prompt action of BlackCloak’s Concierge Support team, a potentially crippling cyber-attack was averted, safeguarding the company’s sensitive data and […]
A successful pro athlete
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Professional Athlete

Professional Basketball Player's Agent Protects Athlete's Home Devices
Family Cybersecurity
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Your Family

Executive Protects Family from Device Hijacking and Data Theft
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The Matriarch

Matriarch Responds after Repeated Hacks
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The General Counsel

General Counsel gets ahead of a Breach with a Digital Executive Protection Program
Philanthropist Cybersecurity
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The Philanthropist

Philanthropist Secures Her Email with Help from Blackcloak
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Executive Takes Action After Social Account is Hacked to Attack Company
Business woman executive folding arms and focusing on the viewer
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CEO Takes Control when Betrayed by IT Professional
Wealth Manager Cybersecurity
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The Wealth Manager

Venture Capital Firm Detects Exposed Home Cameras and Mitigates Risk to Associate’s Family and the Company
VIP Cybersecurity
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Company Recovers Executive’s Corporate Email Account from Hackers
CISO Cybersecurity
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CISO Takes Action when Entire Executive Team has Identities Stolen
C Suite Cybersecurity
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Your C-Suite Team

CISO Secures Personal Devices and Protects Company