Compare LifeLock to Digital Privacy & Cybersecurity Protection From BlackCloak

Services like LifeLock have devolved into a commodity to alert users of changes to their credit or instances of possible identity theft. By itself, these alerting services do not provide any cybersecurity protection, nor can it stop identity thieves from using your stolen information.

BlackCloak for Individuals & Families

BlackCloak provides concierge cybersecurity and privacy protection to help protect your entire digital life, not just monitor your credit report. We combine software and services to help you protect your family, your finances, and your reputation from fraud, identity theft, and cybercrime.

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BlackCloak for Executives & Companies

BlackCloak is a pioneer of digital executive protection. Our cutting-edge Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy™ Platform helps protect your organization by protecting your executives and their families from cybercrime, fraud, and identity theft where security teams cannot – in their personal digital lives.

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