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LifeLock does not protect your cybersecurity or digital privacy. It is a commodity used to alert users of changes to their credit and instances of possible identity theft. By itself, this alerting service cannot actually stop identity thieves from using your stolen information.

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The Essential Guide to Cybersecurity and Privacy

BlackCloak for Individuals & Families

BlackCloak provides holistic concierge cybersecurity and digital privacy protection. We combine software and services to help you protect your family, your finances, and your data from targeted cyberattacks, online fraud, identity theft, and other modern digital threats.

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5 Ways the Personal Lives of Your C-Suite & Board Members Add Risk to Your Organzation

BlackCloak for Executives & Companies

BlackCloak is a pioneer of digital executive protection. Our award-winning Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy™ Platform helps protect organizations by protecting executives and high-access employees from cybercrime, fraud, and identity theft.

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Digital Protection is an Alternative to LifeLock