Concierge Cybersecurity for Home

Cybersecurity for home requires uncompromised standards like those of professional settings when you are a high-profile or high-net-worth family.

Being a high-profile or high-net-worth individual exposes you to a wide range of malicious attacks in the cyber world. While corporations provide industry-grade security to employees, these privileges may not extend to home use, leaving your residential network and devices vulnerable. These risks escalate with the rising use of unsecured connected devices through the internet of things (IoT). 

Our research on the State of Personal Cybersecurity shows that 3 in 5 home systems lack anti-virus software, while 1 in 4 personal devices contains malware. A single infiltrated home connection might be all it takes for malicious actors to undermine your entire network, finances, and professional reputation. 

BlackCloak provides comprehensive privacy & cybersecurity for your home networks and devices, safeguarding your most precious data and credentials from prying eyes at all times

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Concierge Cybersecurity for the Homes of High-Profile and High-Net-Worth Families

How BlackCloak Offers Cybersecurity Protection for Your Home Networks

BlackCloak provides a comprehensive and actionable assessment of your digital life by identifying the weaknesses in home networks and helping you address them. The BlackCloak team conducts routine home network scans to ensure that your systems remain secure from cyber threats against you and your family. Our experts will inform you of our latest system discoveries, so you are never caught off guard despite your busy schedules.

Then, we go beyond securing the home network to protect your entire digital life. For example, our specialists offer dual-factor authentication assistance for your email, bank, and social media accounts for an extra layer of protection against unauthorized users.

How BlackCloak Optimizes Visibility in Home Cybersecurity

BlackCloak utilizes enterprise-grade tools and proprietary methods, including checking the dark web for compromised credentials and resolving exposed risks. We will enhance your home cybersecurity with hardened privacy settings, limiting your exposure to malicious actors through a combination of specialized software and expertise.

A smartphone showing BlackCloak's personal privacy protection platform.

Advanced Cybersecurity for Home Networks

BlackCloak optimizes cybersecurity for your home and entire digital life, equipping you with the most advanced protection against sophisticated malicious activities. Our dedicated personal security consultants offer tireless surveillance and immediate response to the most insidious home cybersecurity threats through a suite of services that include:

  • Advanced Device Protection and Monitoring – Mobile and Computers
  • Identity Theft Protection and Insurance 
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Weekly Home Network Scans
  • Personal Information Removal From Internet Data Brokers
  • Privacy Choice Hardening on Devices
  • Dual-factor Authentication Assistance