Data Broker Removal

Data brokers collect and sell your personal information at an alarming rate. But reducing your digital footprint is easier said than done. Data broker removal is a time-consuming, manual process. At BlackCloak, we help you reduce your cyber risk by removing your personal information from data broker websites.

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How Public Information
is Used Against You

Today’s powerful computers make collecting, storing, and processing information easier and faster. This technology has changed the way data brokerage firms compile your personal data. As this information increases and becomes more accessible, it’s not a matter of if malicious actors get hold of your data, but when. And when they do, there can be severe implications.

Malicious actors can use this collection of personal information to build a more clear picture of your consumer habits over time, putting you at risk of identity theft and other forms of fraud. They can better predict your passwords, find out unique answers to security questions, verify other authentication credentials, and more. It’s critical that consumers take the necessary steps to reduce their personal information online.

At BlackCloak, we help you limit your digital footprint to protect yourself and your money from hackers and thieves.

What We Do

We take the hassle out of data broker removal so you can spend more time doing what matters. Our team works with you to proactively reduce the personal information that is available to cybercriminals by:

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Providing educational resources on the state of cybersecurity

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Processing data removal services on your behalf with the top data aggregators

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Delivering ongoing reports on your removal status

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Protecting your digital life with Concierge Cybersecurity & PrivacyTM

Repeatedly removing your information
from more than 180 sites.

We constantly work to stay ahead of the ever changing data broker website landscape, so this list is subject to change. For a current list, please speak to your BlackCloak representative.

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Digital Executive Protection

We help with more than data broker information removal. We combine cutting edge cybersecurity technology with personalized concierge support to help protect individuals and their families in their personal lives. Find out how we help you protect your privacy, devices, home, and peace of mind.

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Who We Help

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Are cybercriminals targeting your executives to target your company?

BlackCloak for Individuals and Families

Are cybercriminals targeting you due to your wealth and reputation?

Reduce Your Digital Footprint

Reducing your digital footprint doesn’t need to be time-consuming or complicated. Our team has the necessary data broker removal expertise to help you measurably reduce your cyber risk and proactively stop threats. Ready to get started?