Data Broker Removal

Your personal information is valuable and is widely available on the Internet.

How Does BlackCloak Data Broker Removal Work?


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BlackCloak Initiates Removal Process with Top Data Aggregators


BlackCloak Provides Periodic Reports on Removal Status

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What Are The Risks of Having Your Information Freely Available

Criminals can use this information:

  • To conduct phishing attacks through social engineering.
  • To bypass security questions (i.e., first street you lived on, your mother’s maiden name, etc).
  • To engage in identity theft.
  • To conduct phone scams targeting you and your family.
  • To use your physical or online address to harass or stalk you and your family.
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The Solution

BlackCloak removes the personal information of high-net-worth individuals and their families from the top data broker websites.

This is a time-consuming, detailed process that involves reaching out to each site to request that information be removed. While this can certainly be done by individuals themselves, BlackCloak takes the hassle and time out of doing so, utilizing dedicated privacy experts to do the heavy lifting and report back once the removal requests have been initiated and are completed.

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Protect Your Privacy

Cybersecurity is not a destination. It has no end date. It is not solvable with a single app. To protect your family, your privacy, and your well being, you need a partner that you can trust and rely on to Protect Your Digital Life.