WEBINAR: Enterprise Security When Personal and Work Lives Are Digitally Intertwined

Thursday 9/15; 1pm ET

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About the Webinar:

In the hit Apple+ TV show Severance, employees of a fictional company have their personal memories suppressed everyday before work so that their at-home lives cannot interfere with their careers. While this makes for a compelling drama, it is in stark contrast to how the personal digital lives of corporate executives and high-access employees are now  intertwined with their work life. The separation of church and state that once existed between personal and professional digital lives is no more. As such, threats that originate on personal devices, online accounts, and home networks present complex challenges to enterprise security  that cannot be easily solved.

What You’ll Learn:

BlackCloak founder and CEO Dr. Chris Pierson talks with Tracy Kitten, the director of fraud and security at Javelin Strategy & Research, about:

  • Attack surface expansion, and how home networks, personal devices, and personal accounts have become a cybercriminals path of least resistance;
  • Why BYOD, MDM, and other remote security solutions cannot solve this problem;
  • How to protect personal digital lives, and by extension the enterprise, while ensuring personal privacy;
  • Why digital executive protection is poised to usher in a new level of cooperation between digital and physical security teams.
Chris Pierson
Dr. Chris Pierson

Founder & CEO, BlackCloak

Tracy Kitten
Tracy Kitten

Director of Fraud and Security, Javelin Strategy & Research

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