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Celebrities/high-profile individuals are an appealing target for cybercriminals because of their status and wealth.

Celebrities/high-profile individuals are an appealing target for cybercriminals because of their status and wealth. Moreover, celebrities and high-profile individuals often have an entourage of hand-selected associates to assist with a variety of activities, including promotion of a brand.  However, this closely connected sphere of influence ultimately increases the number of ways a cybercriminal can exploit an unprepared celebrity/high-profile individual. Celebrities and high-profile individuals are having their personal information, pictures and private details stolen, their phone and social media accounts hacked, and their businesses held for ransom. It is no longer enough for celebrities/high profile individuals to defend against just physical attacks and invasions of privacy; instead, celebrities/high-profile individuals need to be prepared to defend against cyber threats as well. BlackCloak can defend against these cyber attacks for a celebrity/high-profile individual, his or her family, and any entourage, so that the celebrity/high-profile individual remains safe in the spotlight.

What Does
BlackCloak Do?

Our dedicated team of cybersecurity professionals provides a bespoke concierge package to our customers that utilize enterprise-grade cybersecurity software and tools (not available to the average consumer) that are commensurate without clients’ digital risk profile. And we do so in a way that is unobtrusive to your privacy. BlackCloak ensures its clients are educated, informed and protected against the ever-evolving cyber threat landscape.

Enlist BlackCloak Services to Protect
From a Breach

Persons who are protected by BlackCloak are less likely to be the point of compromise from phishing emails and other malicious cyber attacks.  BlackCloak hardens your security and privacy on the front end and continuously monitors for suspicious behavior on your home network and personal devices. We also keep you abreast of the latest scams and attacks, so you can be armed with that knowledge and not be caught off guard.

Enlist BlackCloak Services to Remediate and Protect You After a Breach

Has your social media account been compromised? Have private details and pictures been exposed on the internet? Do you have any idea how it happened?  BlackCloak can tell you if you have been breached and persons impacted by a breach can rest assured that BlackCloak will remove all threats that resulted in the breach in the first place. Furthermore, BlackCloak will implement controls on your home networks and personal devices to prevent future breaches and ensure your privacy and data are never hacked again.

With BlackCloak, clients can rest assured that the digital footprint they lay down, including those of any family members or entourage,  will be monitored and protected from cybercriminals at all times. Contact BlackCloak today to see how we can protect you and keep you doing what you love without the fear of being hacked.

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