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Protect Your Family. Protect Your Finances. Protect Your Reputation.

Cybercriminal activity is on the rise, and high-profile, high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) are a primary target. And that means hackers, identity thieves, and other unscrupulous individuals will stop at nothing to gain access to your information, devices, and private accounts, and that means infiltrating your home network, which can have a detrimental effect on family members as well.

That’s why family cybersecurity services aren’t just a consideration — a comprehensive, cutting-edge family cybersecurity solution is essential to protect the security and privacy of everyone in the home.

How secure is your digital life? Using strong passwords, firewalls, and other common security protocols will not provide you with the optimal security you need to efficiently protect your network, private accounts, camera systems, and mobile devices from cybercriminals or sophisticated malware. In fact, a recent report, the State of Personal Cybersecurity, revealed that 1 out of 5 homes have vulnerable networks. The report also revealed that 7 in 10 households have passwords and other sensitive data leaked on the dark web and available for sale by data brokers.

Do you feel secure? Or do you think family cybersecurity services might be warranted? Don’t wait until it’s too late — provide the protection, security, and privacy your family needs with advanced cybersecurity services from BlackCloak.

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Concierge Cybersecurity for Home Defense

Family Cybersecurity You Can Rely On to Keep You Safe

The Internet abounds with unseen risks, from malicious websites to links that secretly download malware onto your computer to cybercriminals a world away seeking to take advantage of the vulnerabilities in your home network. Your email is likely full of sophisticated phishing attempts, and your children could accidentally stumble upon a malicious website with malware.

BlackCloak offers comprehensive cybersecurity packages for families that will keep the multitude of cyberthreats at bay, ensuring the utmost protection and privacy for your family, your finances, and your devices.

A smartphone showing BlackCloak's personal privacy protection platform.

Concierge Family Cybersecurity For Your Peace of Mind

BlackCloak monitors your devices 24/7 and performs regular network scans to detect, prevent, and eliminate any potential threats. Additionally, we take your privacy concerns extremely seriously and employ meticulous measures in safeguarding your private data. With BlackCloak on your side, you can take comfort and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your family and your children are safe from cyberthreats. 

Our family cybersecurity services include:

  • Weekly Home Network Scans
  • Device Monitoring – Computers and Mobile
  • Identity Theft Protection and Insurance
  • Personal Privacy Kit
  • Continuous Deep/Dark Web Scans
  • Internet Data Broker Information Removal

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