SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 25, 2023 – BlackCloak, the pioneer in Digital Executive Protection for executives and senior leaders, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices, today announced the availability of its CISO Personal Protection Dashboard. The dashboard offers CISOs a view of the digital executive protection platform used by their c-suite, executives, and board members to better understand risk across those individuals’ personal devices, home network, personal emails, password breaches, and more. 

Extended Visibility via CISO Personal Protection Dashboard

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated in their cyberattacks on organizations, executives’ personal digital lives have emerged as an easier vulnerability to exploit. 62% of organizations don’t currently have a team designated to address cyber attacks on their executives’ personal devices. The CISO Personal Protection Dashboard enables CISOs visibility into this threat surface without intrusion into the executives’ personal lives or assets. 

Additionally, the CISO Personal Protection Dashboard augments existing dashboards used by CISOs to manage their organization’s cybersecurity posture, offering them a truly holistic view of the entire security footprint. 

“CISOs are where the buck stops with cybersecurity in every organization. However, one area that lacks complete visibility is the vulnerability that exists in the personal digital lives of their executives and board members when they leave the office,” said Dr. Chris Pierson, CEO & Founder of BlackCloak. “This dashboard eliminates this void, giving the CISO what they need to ensure the company is safe while being non-intrusive and keeping executives’ information confidential.”

Features of the CISO Personal Protection Dashboard and new enhancements to BlackCloak’s Platform include: 

Platform Enhancements:

  • Social media impersonation and takedown – expanding coverage to more broadly include the takedown of social media accounts that are impersonating executives.
  • Doxxing and swatting – further enhancements to provide protection to executives against doxxing and swatting attacks.

CISO Personal Protection Dashboard:

  • Sensitive Information Risk – Visibility into whether or not an executives’ personal information is available on data broker sites.
  • Protection of homes and devices – Monitoring and reporting on the security status of executives’ home networks and personal devices. 
  • Data breaches – Notifications on data breaches in which executives’ information has been included. 
  • Platform utilization – Measures the executives’ usage of the platform to ensure holistic cybersecurity coverage. 
  • Future enhancements include: trending information, cohort analysis, and risk scoring. 

“We’re excited to launch this expansion to our cybersecurity platform, allowing CISOs to get a clear view of the cybersecurity risks that can be present in their executives’ personal devices and home networks that could lead to an organization-wide compromise,” said Aaron Wise, CTO for BlackCloak. “The dashboard offers CISOs additional peace of mind knowing that while they’re off the clock, BlackCloak is not, and is continuously monitoring and protecting their executives.”


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