ORLANDO, FL, April 4, 2023 – BlackCloak, the pioneer in Digital Executive Protection and concierge cybersecurity for executives and senior leaders, high net worth individuals, and family offices today announced its new mobile application to support clients seeking to protect their personal digital lives. The application offers a significant number of features and enhancements, allowing users to monitor the cyber health of their applications, services, home networks, emails, and more. In addition, BlackCloak also announces the appointment of Matt Petrosky as Vice President of Product. In this role, Petrosky will be responsible for scaling the product team and managing BlackCloak’s evolving Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy™ Platform.

Newly Engineered Platform

“We are excited to release an entirely new platform for personal cybersecurity to our clients.  The work of this team to deliver a first class product that puts the power of cybersecurity and privacy in the hands of this highly targeted client base is truly amazing,” said Dr. Chris Pierson, founder and CEO of BlackCloak. “As we’ve seen with the LastPass breach, cybersecurity risks go beyond the four walls of the office and the need for this personal protection continues to grow.”

Features of the BlackCloak Mobile Application include: 

  • Malicious Calendar Engine – Using proprietary anti-malware technology, the BlackCloak mobile app will automatically determine the legitimacy of invitations or newly added calendars, giving members the opportunity to delete potentially malicious events before malicious code can be injected. 
  • Manage BlackCloak Services – Clients will have the ability to view and manage details of their BlackCloak services including their home network and email account protection. 
  • Enhanced VPN and wireless security functionality.

“We’re excited to launch our new mobile application, enabling clients to stay protected from bad actors looking to compromise their digital personal lives,” said Aaron Wise, CTO of BlackCloak. “The enhancements we’ve made give the client peace of mind knowing that their digital assets, channels, and services are continuously monitored for malicious activity.” 

Matt Petrosky, VP of Product

With over 20 years of experience, Petrosky brings a wealth of cybersecurity knowledge to BlackCloak. At BlackCloak, Petrosky is responsible for leading product development efforts, from design to execution, with an emphasis on creating an exceptional and delightful customer experience. Prior to joining BlackCloak, Petrosky was the VP of Product at GreatHorn, where he led the effort to develop and launch a cloud native email security solution to protect against advanced threats. Matt also held several leadership positions with VMware Carbon Black, including product management, community leadership, and customer care. 

“Over the past couple of decades, I’ve witnessed bad actors poking and prodding for the path of least resistance. Today, that path has become personal digital lives,” said Matt Petrosky, VP of Product at BlackCloak. “I’m thrilled to join the BlackCloak team to bring years of experience in networks, endpoints, and applications to protect the digital lives of executives and high profile individuals. It’s another category-defining company with incredible potential to help disrupt attacks and defend organizations.”

“I am very excited to have Matt as a partner with me and our team on this journey,” Pierson stated. “And I am looking forward to the next growth in the evolution of our protection platform.”


About BlackCloak

BlackCloak protects corporate executives and high-profile individuals from cybersecurity, privacy, financial, and other reputational risks. Used by Fortune 500 companies across all industries, the BlackCloak Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy™ Platform is a holistic solution including mobile and desktop apps as well as concierge support. Executives and high-profile individuals get peace of mind knowing their family, reputation, and finances are secured. Companies rest assured that their brand, intellectual property, data, and finances are protected against threats coming through executives without having to invade their personal lives. Learn more at www.blackcloak.io, follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter


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