BLACKCLOAK Announces Cybersecurity Platform for High-Net-Worth Clients/C-Suite Executives and Announces its RSA Speeches

ORLANDO, Fla.Feb. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — BLACKCLOAK, providers of Concierge Cybersecurity™ & Privacy protection to high-net-worth individuals and C-Suite executives, today announced the release of its new Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform.  In addition, its CEO & founder Dr. Chris Pierson will be giving two speeches at the upcoming RSA Conference on cybersecurity, which will take place February 24-28th in San Francisco.

Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform:
Solving cybersecurity and privacy for certain groups of high-profile persons is complex and takes a concierge approach.  BLACKCLOAK is excited to launch its new Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform that brings together its centralized threat management capabilities, privacy hardening, and cybersecurity protection into one product suite.  “The release of the BLACKCLOAK Platform provides our clients insight into their digital lives and allows the team to provide the around-the-clock cybersecurity protection they need,” said Pierson.  Dave McKinley, its Chief Technology Officer stated, “When we think about our customers and the products we develop to protect them and their family, we want to ensure ease of use, communication, protection and above all delight.  The cybersecurity experience for these clients has traditionally been non-existent or mixed and we are changing that.”  As cybersecurity attacks migrate to persons of high-net-worth, family offices and executives, BLACKCLOAK is there to protect them in a seamless manner that continues to grow as the threats change.

RSA Conference Speeches:
In addition, Dr. Pierson will be giving several speeches at this year’s RSA Conference.  Each year, the RSA Conference brings together the best global cybersecurity minds to share their knowledge on emerging cybersecurity threats and solutions. Pierson’s expertise spans cybersecurity, privacy, law, and homeland security.  “It is always a great privilege to engage with other thought leaders, CEOs, CISOs, and those in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the conference,” said Pierson. “If you want to find cutting-edge technology and solutions providers, this is the place to be.” Having given over twenty speeches at RSA in the past that push cybersecurity and privacy thought leadership to the next level, Pierson continues to be an RSA Conference “top-rated speaker.”

Pierson will be moderating a panel of experts as they delve into discussing how to protect against, respond to, and recover from ransomware threats. “Despite global awareness on this cybersecurity and business risk, companies of all sizes continue to be attacked and threatened each day,” said Pierson.  “Cybercriminals continue to look for ways to hold companies hostage as they know every hour they are down, business is being lost and reputational risks increase.  While best-in-class controls, education, and insurance are able to mitigate ransomware infections or their impacts, we still see a lot of low hanging controls that have still not been addressed.”

Separately, in a more immersive learning lab environment, Pierson and Michael Bruemmer from Experian and James Shreve from Thompson Coburn LLP will tackle how to respond to data breaches using external vendors.  “Too often we see companies of all sizes be unprepared when responding to a data breach and behind the curve when it comes to selecting outside vendors to ensure customers are as protected as they can be and the internal teams have the right expert advice and guidance,” Pierson said.  “Being prepared ahead of time is solvable in terms of the assistance companies will need and we are looking forward to helping the attendees make sure they are prepared.”

More than 50,000 cybersecurity professionals attend RSA globally each year, making it the largest and most respected cybersecurity event in the world.

BLACKCLOAK provides Concierge Cybersecurity™ services to high-net-worth individuals, high-profile persons, and corporate executives to mitigate their hacking, financial, and reputational risks.

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