IC3 2023 Annual Report Highlights Top Personal Cybersecurity Crime Types 


ORLANDO, FL, March 8, 2024 – In response to the alarming trends highlighted in the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) 2023 Annual Report, BlackCloak, the pioneer in Digital Executive Protection and Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy™ for high-net-worth individuals, family offices, and corporate executives, reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding its members against the sophisticated array of cyber threats identified. The report, which outlines the top personal cybersecurity crime types, underscores the critical need for the advanced, concierge-level security solutions that BlackCloak specializes in.

The report states, “In 2023, IC3 received a record number of complaints from the American public: 880,418 complaints were registered, with potential losses exceeding $12.5 billion. This is a nearly 10% increase in complaints received, and it represents a 22% increase in losses suffered, compared to 2022.” Key cybersecurity crime types identified in the IC3 report, such as confidence/romance fraud, credit card/check fraud, data breaches, and ransomware, among others, are precisely the areas where BlackCloak excels in providing protection. The concierge cybersecurity services are tailored to the unique vulnerabilities and privacy needs of HNWIs, ensuring a personalized defense mechanism that is both robust and unobtrusive.

Another strong statement in the report mentions, “The past year, investment fraud was once again the costliest type of crime tracked by IC3. Losses to investment scams rose from $3.31 billion in 2022 to $4.57 billion in 2023—a 38% increase. The second-costliest type of crime was business e-mail compromise (BEC), with 21,489 complaints amounting to $2.9 billion in reported losses.” As cybercriminals increasingly target individuals of substantial means with business email compromise (BEC), romance and crypto scams, identity theft, and a host of other sophisticated digital crimes, BlackCloak’s proprietary suite of cybersecurity solutions offers a bulwark against these threats. The company’s comprehensive approach not only anticipates and mitigates risks but also provides proactive strategies to protect our members’ digital lives, finances, and privacy.

Dr. Chris Pierson, CEO and Founder of BlackCloak, states, “The IC3’s 2023 Annual Report is a stark reminder of the evolving threat landscape and the particular risks faced by high-net-worth individuals. At BlackCloak, we understand that our members require discretion, sophistication, and efficacy in their cybersecurity solutions. Our team is dedicated to providing a service that not only protects against the threats outlined in the IC3 report but also anticipates future vulnerabilities, ensuring peace of mind in a digital age.”

BlackCloak’s services extend beyond reactive measures, focusing on prevention through education, digital hygiene, and the fortification of personal and home networks. The company takes a holistic approach encompassing not just the digital realm but also the personal, offering a comprehensive shield against the multifaceted nature of modern cyber threats.

In light of the findings of the IC3’s 2023 Annual Report, BlackCloak invites high-net-worth individuals and corporate executives to reassess their cybersecurity posture and consider the enhanced protection that concierge personal cybersecurity services offer. In an era where digital security is paramount, BlackCloak stands as a sentinel for those seeking to safeguard their privacy, assets, and legacy against the ever-present threat of cybercrime.


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