ORLANDO, FL, June 4, 2024 – BlackCloak, the pioneer in Digital Executive Protection and Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy™ for corporate executives, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices proudly announces its commitment to enhancing software security by signing the Secure by Design Pledge. This voluntary pledge, initiated by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), aims to promote and support the development of secure enterprise software products and services, including on-premises software, cloud services, and software as a service (SaaS).

By joining the Secure by Design Pledge, BlackCloak commits to the pledge’s seven core goals over the next year. These goals are designed to help software companies achieve measurable progress in enhancing software security. BlackCloak will publicly document its achievements in meeting these goals within one year of signing the pledge, in line with the spirit of radical transparency that the pledge encourages.

“It is important to us that we contribute to the collective effort to enhance software security across the industry and join the Secure by Design Pledge,” said Ryan Black, BlackCloak’s Chief Information Security Officer. “Our commitment to these goals underscores our dedication to protecting our clients and their digital assets. We believe that by working together with CISA and other industry leaders, we can make significant strides in creating a more secure digital environment.”

BlackCloak recognizes the importance of these goals and is dedicated to integrating them into its operations. As part of this commitment, BlackCloak will take various actions across its product line for future enhancements. Where BlackCloak already meets or exceeds these goals, it will provide documentation of its practices and explore additional efforts to go above and beyond the pledge’s requirements.

The Secure by Design Pledge complements existing software security best practices developed by CISA, NIST, other federal agencies, and international industry standards. BlackCloak looks forward to contributing to these efforts and advancing a secure by design posture in the cybersecurity landscape.


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