A Brand Story Conversation With Marco Ciappelli, Sean Martin, BlackCloak CEO And Founder, Chris Pierson, And Roland Cloutier, Former CSO Of TikTok And ADP

In this engaging podcast, cybersecurity leaders, Roland Cloutier and Chris Pierson, discuss with Marco and Sean the rising digital threats that executives face. With recent advancements in AI, phishing attacks and cyber crime have become sophisticated and harder to spot. The podcast underlines the importance of protecting the “executive digital space”—not just at the individual executive’s level, but also their families, considering the potentially detrimental impacts they can have on organizations at large.

The two experts point out that being aware of cyber threats and diligently safeguarding precious data isn’t enough. They propose a holistic approach to security, noting that the minimal knowledge most executives have about cyber threats plays to the advantage of cyber criminals. The alarming yet enlightening discussion encompasses physical security, AI-assisted scamming, artificially-created voice calls, and more.

A practical solution offered in the conversation is to outsource security measures to a reliable third-party for monitoring and immediate response to threats, thereby safeguarding everyone linked to the executive. The unique aspect here is the emphasis on a personalized, bespoke defense strategy that takes into consideration the differing security requirements of individuals. Ultimately, the mission here is to provide a safer cyber environment for executives and their families without impacting their personal lives.

Join this intriguing podcast and learn how to fortify not just your organization’s, but your executive’s life from cyber attacks.


Listen here: https://www.itspmagazine.com/their-stories/beyond-the-boardroom-safeguarding-leadership-with-dual-front-executive-defense-a-blackcloak-brand-story-with-chris-pierson-and-roland-cloutier



Chris Pierson, Founder and CEO of BlackCloak [@BlackCloakCyber]
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Roland, Cloutier, Former CSO of TikTok and ADP
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