New report details digital defense weaknesses found at notable vacation hub


ORLANDO, FL, September 7, 2023 – BlackCloak, the pioneer in Digital Executive Protection and concierge cybersecurity for executives and senior leaders, high-net-worth individuals, and family offices, today released an astonishing new report detailing digital defense weaknesses in Caribbean vacation havens frequented by Fortune 100 executives and high-net-worth individuals. The report provides location security findings and detailed measures to strengthen personal cybersecurity. 

The cybersecurity architecture in the exclusive tropical enclave, where All-Star, League Champion, and MVP athletes, Fortune 100 CEOs, and other high-net-worth individuals vacation, concealed disturbing cybersecurity vulnerabilities. BlackCloak’s Intelligence and Threat Hunting Teams sounded the alarm on this sobering reality after intensive vulnerability scanning revealed significant risks to sensitive and extremely private data, access to homes and yachts, and other sea-going navigational aids.

“BlackCloak is driven by the mission to uncover and address cybersecurity vulnerabilities facing our members, no matter the location,” said Dr. Chris Pierson, BlackCloak Founder and CEO. “Our recent penetration testing for several of our clients at this location has underscored the need for continuous vigilance and proactive security measures. While this island nation is synonymous with luxury and relaxation, our findings serve as a stark reminder that even the most serene environments are not immune to threats.” 

Key Discoveries:

  1. High Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks: The unique blend of a remote location made the islands a hotbed for sophisticated cyber threats. The team found the interconnected network of yachts, villas, and local infrastructure easily exploitable, exposing high-value targets to risk.
  2. Use of Less Secure Equipment: The surprising prevalence of using less secure and U.S.-prohibited equipment could pave the way for unauthorized entry, data leaks, and critical service interruptions.  None of these Fortune 100 companies would ever consider using this banned infrastructure in their operations.
  3. Exposed a Critical Weakness: A vulnerability assessment revealed a critical weakness in a networking device that provided all internet services to the community. BlackCloak responsibly disclosed the weaknesses over 6 months ago and offered solutions before any substantive harm occurred.
  4. Pandora’s Box of Private Data: Advanced vulnerability scanning techniques unveiled a trove of sensitive information, including resident names, addresses, ship vessel details, and dock slip numbers.
  5. Safeguarding Measures: Collaborative efforts were initiated to strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructure, with successful mitigation of the critical risk and ongoing vigilance to prevent future breaches.

“After conducting a vulnerability assessment of an individual’s on-site residence, we uncovered a critical vulnerability that impacted every resident and other critical infrastructure. We reported the vulnerability to the proper channels and ensured the primary attack vector was mitigated. said Daniel Floyd, BlackCloak Chief Information Security Officer. “We are committed to partnering with the community, its proprietors and stakeholders to fortify their personal cybersecurity and ensure they can enjoy peace of mind.”


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*Please note that for security reasons, certain details, including the exact location, cannot be disclosed. This press release is a call to action for all those who value their cybersecurity to take immediate measures.*