BLACKCLOAK’s CEO and Cybersecurity Expert Dr. Chris Pierson to Speak at IAPP’s Privacy. Security. Risk. 2019 Conference

ORLANDO, Fla.Sept. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BLACKCLOAK, providers of Concierge Cybersecurity™ services to corporate executives and ultra/high-net-worth individuals, today announced that its CEO & founder Dr. Chris Pierson will be giving a speech on cybercrime at the upcoming IAPP “Privacy. Security. Risk. 2019” Conference, which will take place September 23-25 in Las Vegas, NV.

Every year the IAPP’s Privacy. Security. Risk. 2019 Conference brings together the best privacy and cybersecurity minds to share their knowledge on emerging privacy & data protection issues, data breaches, and global regulations. Dr. Pierson’s expertise spans cybersecurity, privacy, cybercrime, and national security and his speech will cover many of these areas.  “It is imperative to understand the combination of privacy and cybersecurity on a global stage in this continuously changing environment,” said Pierson. “If you want to have policy and operational discussions that reach into the heart of the organization there is no better place than IAPP to have that conversation.” Having given over twenty speeches at IAPP on thought leadership, Pierson is excited to delve into a cutting-edge topic on cybersecurity that focuses on destructive attacks.

At this year’s IAPP conference, Pierson will speak on “Where Harm, Not Data, is the Attacker’s Goal.”  This speech takes the notion of data breaches for pure cybercrime reasons to the next level.  “Everyday our team witnesses the impacts of high-profile clients whose social media accounts have been taken over, whose home cameras are freely accessible on the Internet, and whose children and family members are subject to cyberstalking, reputational harm, and other types of non-financial damage,” said Pierson.  “We still have the hacking incidents for financial reasons, but more and more we are seeing crimes committed against executives and high-profile persons for destructive purposes.”

As for the current status of cybercrime, Pierson says, “These attacks against executives and high-profile persons have been ramping up in recent years.  This especially holds true as the lines between a person’s public/work life and personal life on digital devices overlap.”


BLACKCLOAK provides concierge cybersecurity services to corporate executives and ultra/high-net-worth individuals to mitigate their cybersecurity, financial, reputational, and privacy risks.  From Fortune 500 executives to high-profile/private wealth clients, the BlackCloak team is always protecting its clients.

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