Orlando, FL, February 8, 2023BlackCloak, the leading provider of digital executive protection, today announced that over the last four months, its Threat Intelligence Team has identified a surge in doxxing and swatting of executives, board members, and other high-profile persons. These are not random attacks as cybercriminals are using information from the dark web, data broker information, company website “about the leadership team” pages, and property records to target these executives. These attacks have been heavily focused on the healthcare, biomed, pharma, and esports gaming industries, but have expanded in recent weeks to other sectors. 

“Cybercriminals are using everything at their disposal to cause havoc and disrupt the security of corporate executives and board members in an effort to get to the bigger prize – corporate assets,” said Dr. Chris Pierson, CEO and Co-Founder of BlackCloak. “At BlackCloak, we monitor this behavior and take proactive steps to reduce the risk for our clients, who are executives, board members, and key personnel at some of the most notable brands. We caution every CSO and CISO to investigate the exposure of their corporate team and ensure a Digital Executive Protection plan is in place to protect them and their families.”

Doxxing is the release of corporate executives, board members, and other high-profile person’s  personal information (usually name, address, numbers, and/or email address) publicly on social media or other websites. This can cause unwanted attention, protests, or physical security risks for the family members at that residence. Swatting occurs when this information is used to have the police, and in many cases the SWAT team, respond to a false threat at your residence or workplace.

“Executives are high-profile targets for cybercriminals and their private data must be protected in different ways than a standard employee,” said Daniel Floyd, Chief Information Security Officer with BlackCloak. “As a CISO, it is critical that a plan be put in place to provide increased security for these individuals. At the very minimum, review and remove mention of home residence geographic location on the “About Us” section of your corporate website, and encourage your executives to ensure that their homes are not registered in their own names, but rather an anonymous trust or corporation. In the event you or an employee are threatened with or at high risk from a swatting attack, consider contacting your local law enforcement agency’s non-emergency number to speak about red flagging your address or if they have an anti-swatting registry.” 

BlackCloak provides a Concierge Swatting and Doxxing Response Solution that reduces the overall risk for clients and the client teams of our partners. If you’re having problems or want to enroll in a proactive protection service, go to www.blackcloak.io or email us at [email protected]


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BlackCloak protects corporate executives, high-access employees, and high-net-worth individuals and families from targeted cyberattacks, online fraud, and other risks to them and their companies through their personal digital lives. Used by Fortune 1000s and mid-market organizations across all industries, BlackCloak’s SaaS-based digital executive protection solution protects the digital privacy, personal devices, and home networks of people with little time and a lot to lose. Executives and high-profile individuals get peace of mind knowing that their family, wealth, reputation, and finances are secured. Corporate security teams rest easy knowing that their organization is protected from threats to IP, finances, physical security, data and other digital assets that originate in their executives’ personal digital lives. For more information, visit www.blackcloak.io



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