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Our concierge professionals are the experts in cybersecurity, privacy, and identity theft protection and will analyze your risks obtained in our onboarding process.


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Our Team will answer any additional questions you may have leading up to your onboarding session and will work with you to find an onboarding time that best aligns with your schedule.

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During your onboarding session you will actively participate in education about cybersecurity, privacy, and identity theft. Your BlackCloak concierge professional will guide you through all onboarding activities required in accordance with your plan selection.

Your education continues even after onboarding, with monthly newsletters, periodic threat alerts, webinars, and direct communications.

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Cybersecurity is not a destination. It has no end date. It is not solvable with a single app. To protect your family, your privacy, and your well being, you need a partner that you can trust and rely on to Protect Your Digital Life.

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