Their Story Conversation With Sean Martin, Marco Ciappelli, And BlackCloak CEO And Founder, Chris Pierson

This Their Story podcast episode features Chris Pierson, the co-founder of BlackCloak as Marco Ciappelli and Sean Martin discuss into the importance of relationships and human empathy in the cybersecurity field, as well as the challenges of cutting through the noise in the industry.

Chris Pierson presents the importance of protecting corporate executives and their personal lives, devices, and homes, ultimately ensuring their peace of mind. The trio explore the significance of human relationships in the cybersecurity industry, emphasizing the need for trust and understanding between vendors and clients. They also highlight the importance of human empathy in developing cybersecurity products and services that address the unique needs of different users. They also discuss the challenges of balancing privacy and security, while also considering the unique needs of clients in different sectors.

Pierson also unveils BlackCloak’s latest innovation – the CISO Protection Dashboard. This powerful tool helps Chief Information Security Officers and their teams gain valuable insights into the digital lives of their executives.

Don’t miss out on this informative and thought-provoking episode that delves deep into the world of digital executive protection. Be sure to tune in to learn about Black Cloak’s innovative dashboard and how they involve their clients in the development process.

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Guest: Chris Pierson, Founder and CEO of BlackCloak [@BlackCloakCyber]

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