Prevent and Remediate Corporate Executive Unemployment Fraud

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Protect your executives from malicious cyberattacks, identity theft, and corporate executive unemployment fraud with Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy.

Today’s advanced technology has facilitated how many companies do business. But technology has also paved the way for hackers, cyber criminals, and identity thieves to launch cyberattacks against a company’s network. Criminals also seek to target top executives in their personal lives. When they succeed, they commit acts such as identity theft and corporate executive unemployment fraud.

Corporate executives are a favorite target of cybercriminals for three reasons:

  • Their level of wealth and influence.
  • Their connection to your company and corporations.
  • The likelihood of vulnerabilities on their home networks and personal devices.

In fact, Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report revealed that top executives are 12 times more likely to be a target of cybercriminals. Evidence of this is seen in the growing incidences of corporate executive unemployment fraud. This is a type of fraud committed by both lone identity thieves and large-scale fraud rings.

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Solutions for a Growing Problem

The rise in unemployment fraud cases can be attributed to the rise in Americans filing for unemployment in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even before the pandemic, unemployment fraud was a problem. Fraudulent payments accounted for just over 10% of all benefits paid out the prior year. Now, that number has risen significantly. Some states reported a 150% increase in fraudulent claims by hundreds of thousands. The fraudulent claims have cost states and the U.S. Department of Labor more than $25 billion.

How are these cases of corporate executive unemployment fraud being committed? The answer is simple and threefold:

  • Cybercriminals are using publicly available personal information on Data Broker websites to perpetrate their crime.
  • Cybercriminals are enhancing this information with stolen data on the Dark Web. They then file bogus claims under an executive’s name.
  • State unemployment agencies are overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of new claims. They cannot properly verify the accuracy of the claims.

For this reason, you need to provide cybersecurity and identity theft monitoring and protection for your executive’s personal lives. Data broker information removal is also an important component. It serves to minimize the risk of corporate executive unemployment fraud and other detrimental effects of compromised personal information.

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Cybersecurity Solutions for Corporate Executives’ Personal Lives from BlackCloak

BlackCloak, the award-winning cybersecurity firm for corporate executives, offers comprehensive cybersecurity and privacy solutions. It is the solution that is needed to help you protect your executives in their personal lives.

BlackCloak uses cutting-edge technology that goes well beyond incomplete consumer options. We will secure the executive’s home network, personal computers, and family mobile devices. Additionally, we prevent, detect, and eliminate cyberthreats that could cause a data breach.

BlackCloak enlists experts in the industry and is backed by a 24×7 security operations center (SOC). This ensures that no cybercriminal or identity thief succeeds in their illegal efforts. Some of our cybersecurity services include:

  • Data Broker Removal Services
  • Dark Web Monitoring for Stolen Passwords
  • Mobile Device & Computer Protection & Response
  • Home Network Penetration Testing
  • Monitoring for BotNet and other malicious attacks
  • Identity Theft Protection & Insurance
  • Cybersecurity & Privacy Education and Training

Protect your executives from corporate executive unemployment fraud and other malicious acts. Contact BlackCloak today to see how we can help.