Every groundbreaking company starts with a vision, a pain point, an unfulfilled need. For us at BlackCloak, it was the escalating harm and anguish inflicted by cybercriminals on high profile individuals. Our journey to create BlackCloak was motivated by a void in personal cybersecurity, a glaring gap in digital executive protection. We started this company because we saw a problem that needed solving and took up the mantle to address it.

High-profile individuals—whether they are venture capitalists, board members, executives, celebrities, or athletes—were becoming increasingly susceptible to cyber attacks. The allure for cybercriminals lay in these targets’ financial value, the potential for extortion, reputational harm, and the indirect gateway to attack companies affiliated with these individuals. 

We scoured the landscape for a viable solution that could counter these threats effectively. Astonishingly, we found the space empty, devoid of a comprehensive answer that could address the intricate matrix of personal cybersecurity. There were no tailor-made services that could offer digital executive protection to these high-risk individuals and their families.

Undeterred by the lack of existing solutions, we decided to craft one. We spent over a year interviewing and understanding the needs of these individuals and their families, gaining an in-depth understanding of their unique digital vulnerabilities. We realized that to protect them effectively, we needed to build a solution from the ground up—a team and a service dedicated to safeguarding their digital lives.

Our mission became clear: to protect the digital lives of those at great risk. This mission drives us each and every day, pushing us to innovate, adapt, and excel. 

We proudly stand as pioneers in the personal cybersecurity sector, creators of a new category that offers personal executive protection. Our commitment to this mission has resonated deeply with our clients, giving them much-needed peace of mind in a world increasingly fraught with digital threats.

Our team at BlackCloak knows this. Our clients know this. This understanding drives our pride and determination. We are not just a company; we are a team dedicated to safeguarding the digital lives of our clients. 

We are BlackCloak. Our purpose? Protecting your digital life.