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Employees working remotely create a mix of cybersecurity and privacy risks for companies. Is their network secure? Are their personal devices protected? What types of Internet of Things (IoT) devices do they have at home? Do they share the network with the other occupants in the house? Each of these items introduces risk to your company when employees work from home. The network could be controlled by a botnet, issuing command & control traffic from an infected device or communicating with keyboard logging malware, among other things. These risks increase the attack surface for your company.


Controlling these risks is not easy. An employee’s personal devices should not be scanned or reviewed by companies. Just like you would not provide medical services to your employee and get those results, you should not monitor your employee’s private devices, emails, or networks. However, understanding whether the overall home network of the employee is safe is critical to your company’s defenses. BlackCloak can help.


BlackCloak is able to scan daily for these risks without any end user intervention and let your team know if a risk emerges.

Infected Networks

BlackCloak compares publicly facing IP addresses with its threat database to identify if an IP address matches command-and-control server data, malware signatures, other telltale information and combine this with threat actor intelligence and geo-location data to provide the company with information on a potentially risky network.


BlackCloak monitors for malware where IP addresses show infections from keyboard logging software, form grabbers, and other types of malicious software that indicate some type of takeover of devices or network resources.

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