Dr. Chris Pierson, Founder and CEO of BlackCloak, recently joined the ITSP Magazine Podcast to discuss his two RSA Conference 2022 speaking sessions, what he and BlackCloak are looking forward to at the event, and what he’s up to this year as the event goes back to in-person engagement. 

In the interview, Chris talks about his session on hacking back and the possibility of, instead of just doing ‘defense’, also doing ‘offense.’ There can be legal, ethical, operational, and security issues surrounding hacking back – and he and the other panelists will get into that more at the RSA Conference..

The podcast also covers his other session on supply chain cybersecurity. Pierson talks about how this session is a Learning Lab – that means the participants will be actively engaged as they go through a mock scenario of a supply chain attack and take back “real operational items” to their organizations. 

Finally, Chris provides an update on BlackCloak and the increasing demand for digital executive protection to help shrink the attack surface. You can listen to the whole episode below.  

And you can get all the details about Dr. Pierson’s RSA Conference 2022 sessions and reserve your seats now:

Hope to see you in San Francisco!