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Sanitizing Your Remote Worker Risks: Cybersecurity & Data Breach Risks (June 2020 Webinar)

BlackCloak Experian Cybersecurity and Data Breach Risks Webinar

With the surge in remote workers, decreased cybersecurity controls in the home, and a renewed emphasis by cybercriminals to exploit current events your workers face even greater risks. Protecting corporate data and employee data has now expanded in scope to include the home – for both executives and the employees. Since there is no safe zone, hackers are exploiting the lack of tech support, increased ease of acquiring targets outside the firewall, and data sprawl. Find out how your company can proactively protect its information, employees, and executives from cybersecurity risks, data breaches, and identity theft incidents. Hear from Michael Bruemmer, Experian’s VP of Global Data Breach and Consumer Protection, and Chris Pierson, CEO of BLACKCLOAK, as they discuss these threats and the solutions your enterprise needs.

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