Cloaking Your Privacy - Removing Your Personal Information from the Web

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BlackCloak: data broker removal services and other personal information removal

Cybercriminals will use every trick at their disposal to attack high-net-worth/high-profile persons. That includes using the vast amounts of personal data that is available at a mouse clink on the Internet about you and your family. While legal, these data broker websites capture and aggregate vast troves of public information about you and sell it making it easier to target you with scams, hacks, and other cyber attacks. Protect your family by removing this data.

During the webinar, Dr. Chris Pierson, CEO of BlackCloak, a Concierge Cybersecurity firm that represents private wealth/high-profile persons and C-Suite executives in their digital lives, will discuss:

  • the specific attack vectors that cybercriminals are using that include public information on data broker websites
  • how you can remove this information
  • other ways to reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals to find out information about you and your family

Watch here: https://vimeo.com/401450879 

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