David Bittner from CyberWire Interviews Dr. Chris Pierson on Digital Executive Protection

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Webinar: David Bittner from Cyberwire interviews with Dr. Chris Pierson

In this on-demand webinar, Dave Bittner, producer and host of the CyberWire podcast, interviews Dr. Chris Pierson, founder and CEO of BlackCloak, on cybersecurity & privacy best practices for executive digital protection.

The unprecedented level of cybersecurity risk today extends far beyond the four walls of the enterprise. There is no longer any difference between personal and corporate protection when it comes to members of the executive team and board. High-level individuals now have a single, unified digital life, and senior leadership working from home has become the soft underbelly of corporate cybersecurity.

This webinar will give you:

  • Compelling metrics for the level of risk to the company from executives in their personal digital lives
  • An understanding of how to extend the defense perimeter to encompass the new battlefront in the home in a way that protects the privacy of the executive
  • The roles of security leaders and the C-Suite in protecting their company by protecting the digital lives of executives, board members, and key personnel.

Learn more about BlackCloak’s plans for cybersecurity & privacy for high-profile individuals. Or, contact us to request a consultation.