The Problem

Identity Theft of Everyone on Executive Team.

  • Small business loans being taken out in their name
  • Executive, security, and legal teams distracted from strategic focus and normal operations to remediate the situation
  • CISO and Corporate General Counsel had to get involved to sort it out
  • Entire Executive Team hit with unemployment fraud

It wasn’t just the executives at risk, it was the entire company.

BlackCloak’s Guidance

We recommended a three-tier approach to help mitigate risk and create a lasting culture of cybersecurity within the company.

Address current fraud situations and re-assure executive team


  • Act quickly while taking the executives offline or away from work as little as possible
  • Collaborate with CISO and General Counsel to provide updates on remediation
Employ effective unemployment identity theft and fraud protection 


  • Remove personal information online with data broker removal services
  • Provide execs with intel on exposed passwords and walk-through addressing the resulting vulnerabilities
  • Harden the privacy settings of personal devices so they leak less data
Get executive buy-in for new executive threat protection program for personal cybersecurity and privacy


  • Show value in terms of business risk
  • Provide education on the current state of cybersecurity
  • Position BlackCloak platform as a simple, effective solution

Putting the Plan into Action

The CISO was already proactively working on a program before the incident, and accelerated an agreement with BlackCloak for Executive Coverage of 14 members of the senior leadership team. With BlackCloak as their guide, the CISO rolled out digital executive protection for their personal cybersecurity.

Executives provided a small amount of information so BlackCloak could:

  • Utilize data broker removal services to reduce possibility of future unemployment fraud or identity theft
  • Scan the dark web and give them their exposed passwords so they can change them, stop their use, and limit future data loss
  • Provide identity theft and fraud protection and monitoring services

Executives leveraged BlackCloak’s concierge cybersecurity team for personal guidance on preventing invasions of privacy or identity theft:

  • With a few clicks, executives downloaded and used the BlackCloak application to monitor their personal devices for malware or other security weaknesses
  • They used the application dashboard to get a single view of their overall security posture including their home networks and information privacy