In our last Partner Spotlight we introduced you to Panacea Smart Solutions. The Q&A with its VP of Business Development Brian Collins explored the primary cybersecurity risks to Panacea’s customers, how digital executive protection can help mitigate challenges, and how current clients are responding to the BlackCloak offering. 

The next article in our Partner Spotlight Series will  introduce you to Blackswan Cybersecurity. The Dallas-based MSSP helps companies identify the right safeguards for protecting their data assets. Its services range from comprehensive 24/7/365 managed security services (SOC-as-a-service) and assessment-level gap analysis to vulnerability identification and remediation, incident and breach response, user awareness training, GRC assessments and analysis, and virtual CISO services. 

We recently spoke with Blackswan co-founder and COO Christopher Roach. He talked candidly about his organization and its differentiators, what intrigues the company most about bringing digital executive protection to its customers, and the main challenges and opportunities surrounding the rollout of BlackCloak. 

A leading MSSPs view of digital executive protection

Q. Tell us about Blackswan. Why do customers choose you over other MSSPs?

A. Blackswan Cybersecurity is a leader in fit-for-purpose cybersecurity solutions. We partner with organizations to deliver a customizable yet comprehensive suite of skills, capabilities and services that focus on risk identification, mitigation, and remediation. Our Cyber Fusion Center provides multiple cybersecurity disciplines under one roof, access to cybersecurity experts 24 x 7, and continuous active eyes-on-glass monitoring, detection, and response. Businesses and individuals choose Blackswan because our solutions are not restricted to only what we can provide. We often will leverage others to help our customers achieve the right outcome. Our team is hands-on and provides the experience and performance to deliver the value our customers expect.

Q. When it comes to digital security and privacy, what are your customers’ most common concerns?

A. Our customers are most concerned about financial loss and reputation damage following a cyber event. Traditionally, we have helped them mitigate risk through awareness training, risk assessments, vulnerability management, monitoring, advising, incident response planning and execution, and remediation. We offer SIEM, vulnerability scans, penetration testing and other software and services to help reduce the likelihood of a successful cyberattack.

Q. How did you first hear about digital executive protection, and what intrigues you most about it?

A. We have been wide eyed about the need to protect personal devices and home networks for some time. In fact, we have helped customers add this layer of protection in recent years. However, we never formalized the processes or tools. So, when we met BlackCloak at a cybersecurity conference earlier this year, we recognized the opportunity to add formality to this offering. For us, we see BlackCloak as an invaluable tool for high-net-worth individuals and families, as well as high-profile persons, such as politicians, executives, and board members. The platform can bring another layer of protection and peace of mind to individuals and related companies.

Q. Prior to the BlackCloak partnership, were customers inquiring about personal cybersecurity protection?

A. Yes, we  had some people ask about helping secure their personal devices, but the demand was low in comparison to our other services. But now that we’re aligning personal cybersecurity protection with our current offerings, we see significant opportunity for growth in this area. Internally, our executive team is excited about the possibilities.

Q. Tell us about how you plan to rollout BlackCloak to your customer base and market it as a competitive advantage to prospects?

A. We intend to start promoting BlackCloak among our high wealth individual clients, subsequently introducing the services to our MSSP client base. It is our belief that the app and dashboard combined with the monitoring and cleanup will be very attractive to our clientele. We also believe that BlackCloak will have incredible virality to it. That is, once we receive a few sign ups, others that run in similar circles will recognize the benefits and want to jump onboard. Keep in mind that we are still in the process of formalizing our rollout and marketing of BlackCloak, but overall we are very bullish on our ability to showcase the ROI of Digital Executive Protection and showcase it as a necessity rather than a luxury.

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We’d like to thank Christopher for his time and look forward to following Blackswan’s success as a Partner. For more information on how to become a BlackCloak partner, visit our Partner Page or Contact Us.