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Your life is now online. Cybercriminals are increasingly targeting the online privacy and cybersecurity of high-profile, high-net-worth, and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their families. At BlackCloak™, we help reduce the risk of falling victim to targeted cyberattacks, financial fraud, identity theft, reputational damage, and more. 

Cyber Crime is Already Happening,
Protect Your Digital LifeTM.

Each day, we see the negative impact cybercrime has on high-profile and high-net-worth individuals including celebrities, athletes, politicians, executives, and philanthropists. We see private cameras broadcasting to the Internet. We see unsecured devices and home networks that are vulnerable or already compromised. We see personal addresses and phone numbers freely available across the web. You lock your doors. You make smart investments. You protect against risk in the physical world. What about digital risk online?

In recent years, cybercriminals have turned their focus to hacking individuals with financial or reputational status. If you are a high-profile or high-net-worth individual or family, the risks are too great to go unchecked.

1 in 4

families currently have malware on their computers, phones, and tablets

Over 100

home network cyber threats per month 

7 in 10

households have exposed account passwords

You need a digital guardian on your side with more expertise and more sophisticated tools
to stay one step ahead

– Former Aerospace & Defense Chairman and CEO

The security of my family’s electronic devices is important to me for a host of reasons as it should be with others. I felt I needed an independent look at all our electronic device security measures. I felt this double check was needed to assure me we were taking all the appropriate actions. BlackCloak was able to do this for me and discovered that one of my iPhone App’s for a popular luxury vehicle which I own was installed with “God Rights” on the device along with the data on it. This was something I was not aware of and now have taken the action to fix and I was also able to notify the vehicle company of the issue with their app developer. You can never be too safe in this cyber world we all live in. I now have peace of mind that what I am doing is making it that much harder for those that wish to cause me harm! It is something I am very glad I have done and will continue to do so.

– Author and Film Critic

We are so glad to have found BlackCloak. We didn’t realize how exposed our family was and how insecure our own devices and connections were. The BlackCloak team walked us through the steps to secure every device, answering our many questions. In fact, we know we can call anytime whenever we need help. BlackCloak’s regular reports, as well as personal check-ins, alert us to malware and other possible fraudulent activities, and have educated us and provided peace of mind.

– Executive Director, eCommerce Company

After being a victim of several e-mail and wire transfer hack attempts, we sought out a best in class cyber protection firm to safeguard our identities, banking information and private information. After interviewing multiple firms we chose BlackCloak for their suite of tools coupled with their high touch approach. We have been completely satisfied with our decision months after implementing the solution and find them to be a responsive and responsible solution provider.

– CEO, Major U.S. Hedge Fund

As a CEO I know I am a target for hacking and other attacks. While the BlackCloak Team was protecting my family and I, we learned that one of our children had dozens of viruses, keyboard loggers, and other malware on her computer putting our home network at risk.

I am always worried about the Internet safety of my children and this one hit too close to home. Could hackers find out who we are, who my children were, watch our network, or even monitor financial information about my company? These are the types of risks that companies and corporate executives cannot directly combat, unless they have a trusted concierge cybersecurity partner like BlackCloak backing them up.

– COO of a U.S.-based Global Commercial Bank

After many years as a senior leader of one of the nation’s largest banks, my reputation, my family’s privacy and the security of our financial and personal accounts is paramount to us. I have lots of options available to me, but I choose BlackCloak and its team because of its reputation, in depth protection, concierge service and band ability to protect us.

- CEO, Wealth Planning Firm

My business is working with Ultra-High Net Worth Families. One of the greatest concerns for them and my family is our Cyber-Security. I have witnessed a number of the families being compromised and not knowing where to turn. BlackCloak has been the solution we all have been searching for…but unable to find. My spouse downloaded a malicious virus about 1 month into the service, BlackCloak identified it, contacted her, and then cleaned her machine. I have never before experienced such proactive service in this space and am thrilled to be a client.

– CEO of Retail Food Company

I never thought my Facebook account would be targeted. I have nothing special in there. Then one day I suddenly had negative postings pushed out from my account which I had not done. Thankfully, BlackCloak was able to assist and identify the issue that resulted in the account compromise, as well as remediate the situation and secure my Facebook account from future attacks. It’s comforting to know that Blackcloak has my cyber back!

– Founder and CEO, Wealth Management Company

There are so many ways for viruses to get on your computer. I was just performing a normal Google search, clicked on a link, and behind the scenes malware was downloading and trying to install. Then the phone rang and it was BlackCloak alerting me that malware was detected and quarantined on my MacBook. They cleaned up any remaining traces of the malware and made sure I was safe. I would have had no idea what to do, if it had not been for BlackCloak. It is such a relief to know I have a team watching out for me and my cybersecurity.

How we help you
Protect Your Digital Life.

We’re your cybersecurity & online privacy partner. BlackCloak’s Concierge Cybersecurity & PrivacyTM Platform is a cutting-edge product that combines enterprise-grade software and services to help you protect your family, your reputation, and your finances. Using proprietary technology built specifically with privacy in mind, and expertise gained from our experience in law enforcement, intelligence, and commercial cybersecurity, we help you protect your entire digital life.

Holistic approach. Reliable results.

The BlackCloak Concierge Cybersecurity & Privacy Platform is a holistic solution combining software and white-glove service for both personal cybersecurity & privacy protection. We help you protect your reputation, your finances, your identity, and your family.

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With BlackCloak as your trusted partner, you’ll protect what matters most and have control over managing your cybersecurity and privacy risk – and your personal advisor will always be just a call, tap, or text away.


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