Attacking Your Executive’s Lack of Home (or Personal) Cybersecurity

Attacking your executive's lack of home (or personal) cybersecurity: A Webinar
May 25, 2023



The alarming rise of cyber attacks on executives’ personal digital lives and how it can affect their organization is a huge concern for today’s CISOs and CSOs. Based on a recent study, 42% of companies have already experienced cyber attacks on their executives or their executives’ families with serious negative consequences for the organization. These attacks resulted in the theft of corporate intellectual property, research and development data, business strategy information, loss of customers or business partners, and even theft of customer or employee data.

In this webinar, we discuss these risks, citing primary research conducted by Ponemon Institute, and find out how cybersecurity leaders are thinking about cyber attacks on their executives and board members. For instance, we found that only 9% of cybersecurity professionals are highly confident that their CEO or executives would know how to protect their personal computer from viruses, and only 22% when it comes to securing personal emails. 

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