WEBINAR: Prioritizing Personal Cyber Risks for Critical Infrastructure Executives

Prioritizing Perosnal Cyber Risks for Critical Infrastructures
March 1, 2023 Location: Webinar

Date: March 1

Time: 12:00PM PST / 3:00PM EST


Cybercriminals and nation states will do anything to target and penetrate critical infrastructure. The attacks have impacted the energy, healthcare, retail, communications, finance and other sectors heavily. With the investment in cybersecurity controls on the inside of the company, these same hackers are now targeting the personal lives of the executives, board members, key personnel and their families too. Why focus on compromising sophisticated security controls  when you can just slip through personal accounts and get corporate data or access to the whole company – like what we saw in the Twilio and Uber hacks.  The “other 12 hours” of the day are an increasing attack surface and digital executive protection is a must-have.

In this webinar, we take a look at: 

  • this expanding threat attack surface
  • how critical infrastructure executives and key personnel have been hard hit by cyber actors looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow or access to the company
  • and the guidance that organizations must embrace to get ahead of risk.

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