Last week at RSA Conference 2022, BlackCloak founder and CEO Dr. Chris Pierson joined Enterprise Strategy Group cybersecurity analyst Jack Poller for a fireside chat on digital executive protection and end user protection strategies for this year and beyond. 

During the 30 minute conversation, Dr. Pierson and Jack discussed:

  • The challenges enterprises have historically had protecting their end users, and how remote work has exacerbated these challenges 
  • Whether or not current cybersecurity safeguards are sufficient enough to protect a majority remote and hybrid workforce, and the types of tools and technologies that are most effective
  • Ways in which the attack surface has expanded into the supply chain and into the home
  • Why and how personal digital lives and professional lives of executives are now fully intertwined, and why that causes significant problems for CISOs, CSOs and security teams 
  • Cyberattack techniques that are most problematic to the enterprise, including email, text and voice phishing, as well as social engineering and threats from nation states
  • The perils of online data brokers and poor password security, and how subpar digital privacy can lead to cyberthreats of consequence to both individuals and the organization 
  • What CISO, CSOs and security teams know about this problem, and why it’s so hard for them to find a ubiquitous solution to protect executives personal digital lives

To conclude, Dr. Pierson introduced digital executive protection, highlighting how BlackCloak helps protect organizations by protecting the personal digital lives of a company’s C-Suite, Board Members, and high-value employees with influence and access. He also highlights the value of outsourcing executive cybersecurity and privacy protection to security teams, and how it alleviates them from a quagmire of legal, ethical, privacy, and compliance concerns. 

Watch the full 28 minute video clip below, and visit our Resources page for additional digital executive protection content.