Phone hacking and leaking of personal data are commonplace in today’s connected world. The problem is that if you want to do anything online, you have to give out personal information like your email address and phone number. This makes internet users vulnerable to identity theft and can allow hackers access to sensitive data such as banking details and passwords. It also makes it easier for scammers and dubious companies to send unauthorized robocalls your way.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to stop intrusive robocalls. We’ll also talk about the best ways to stop phone hacking. 

What is a robocall?

A robocall is a phone call that’s generated by a computer rather than an actual person. If you answer the phone and get a recorded message, that is a robocall. Robocalls from companies trying to sell you something are illegal in the U.S. unless you’ve opted in.

Some unauthorized robocalls are allowed. These include calls by non-profit organizations soliciting donations, calls about candidates running for office, or public service announcements about school closures or dangerous weather conditions.

Of course, many robocalls are scams, such as those claiming to be from government agencies like the IRS.

How can you avoid spam or scam robocalls?

If your phone number has been leaked in a data breach, you’re likely to experience more suspicious activity than usual. One option is to change your phone number. However, that can be a hassle because you’ll need to notify contacts and update your accounts.

Instead of changing your number, consider installing a spam blocking app. Many spam blocking products provide services for both texts and calls.

Here are two products that we recommend:

  • Robokiller – Robokiller estimates they can reduce spam calls by 90% within 30 days. Their Answer Bots even respond to spam calls on your behalf.
  • Nomorobo – Nomorobo identifies robocalls and answers them so they don’t get through to you. They let legitimate automated calls get through, like school closings and doctors’ office reminders. Nomorobo is a Winner of the FTC Robocall Challenge.

Both are good choices for increased security. Robokiller provides more services but has disclosed that they collect incoming call information. Nomorobo provides less functionality but has better privacy.

How can you stop a hack on your phone number?

It’s incredibly important to protect your phone number and limit the number of places you share it. This is because identity thieves can take over your phone number and use it on their own mobile device. Not only will they gain access to your texts and calls, but they will also receive personal information, like details for your family members and other contacts.

However, what the bad guys are really after is credit card data and access to your online accounts. They can get around account passwords by resetting them with codes sent to your number. This allows the hackers to access your bank account. From there, they have easy access to your personal information, passwords, and linked accounts.

To prevent your phone number from being hacked, you can set security options on your phone and also on your phone account. Different carriers have different security options including two-factor authentication, number locking to prevent SIM swaps, and biometric verification. 

For more detailed information about protecting your phone number, check out this blog post: How to Protect Your Phone Number from Being Stolen.

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