What is a mesh network and why do you need it? Let’s start with the why. Remote working and at-home education have become the new norm for many people across the country. As people adapt to their new work environment and kids take part in e-learning, it has become evident that Wi-Fi performance has never been more important. While the demands on our networks continue to increase, so too does the need to keep our data and information secure. Cyber threats are evolving and becoming more complex every day, with a predicted global cost of $6 trillion by 2021.

High-profile and high-net-worth individuals, like celebrities, politicians, C-suite executives, and philanthropists, are at particularly high risk for security breaches. How can high-profile individuals protect their digital footprint while maintaining the highest standards in Wi-Fi performance? Mesh network systems are among the latest solutions in delivering wide-reaching coverage and protection to your home network and personal devices.

What is a Mesh Network?

A typical home network includes a router connected to a modem, the device which brings the internet connection into your home. The router then transmits the wireless signal as far as it can within your home. What if the signal is not strong enough to permeate through your entire house? This is where mesh networks come in. Simply put, mesh networks use several nodes which communicate with each other and distribute the Wi-Fi signal to reach a broader area.

Mesh network systems help maintain continuous coverage no matter where you are in your home. Mesh networks eliminate connection issues and what’s more, they do so without sacrificing the integrity and importance of cybersecurity.

Is a Mesh Network Right for My Home?

Mesh networks can be used in any environment where the goal is to improve coverage, internet speed, and signal strength. If you are thinking about introducing a mesh network into your home, consider whether these benefits make sense for you and your family.

  • Coverage for Your Large Home and the End of Dead Zones Mesh networks are ideal for amplifying your Wi-Fi signal to every area of your home, eliminating dead zones. Using a traditional router in a large home may not be powerful enough to provide Wi-Fi in every area or on every floor, resulting in annoying dead spots in certain areas. Alternatively, mesh networks have been described as providing blanket wireless coverage because they reach distant or blocked spaces in larger homes and can penetrate any structural barriers which prevent a clear internet signal. Mesh networks go the extra mile to give you the coverage you need no matter where you are in your home.
  • Ease of Use and Connect Multiple DevicesThough the concept of mesh networks might seem complicated to those unfamiliar with networking, implementation is quick and straightforward. Users with minimal technical knowledge will have their mesh network up and running in no time, as these networks typically include an easy-to-follow mobile app which walks users through the installation process. The app even does the testing for you, pointing out the best areas to place each node for optimal performance. Once installed, controlling the network from your smartphone makes this system easy to maintain and allows you to make any adjustments as you need them. Additionally, it is easy to expand your mesh network and add devices. Simply add a node to a location in your home to allow for additional coverage. Devices, such as laptops, tablets, phones, gaming systems, and more are easily added to the mesh network system. Managing the network from your smartphone also allows you to enable or disable devices, give certain devices network priority, and see which devices are connected at any given time.
  • Automatic UpdatesAs the lines between business and personal lives continue to blur, top corporate executives must stay vigilant when it comes to cybersecurity. C-suite executives and other high-level professionals are always working, whether it is at the office, at home, or on a mobile device. Advances in technology have made it possible to work anywhere but have also created additional pathways for threats to enter. Working from home has become more commonplace, leaving senior leaders more vulnerable to attacks while working remotely than ever before. Most mesh networks automatically update themselves, keeping your devices safe from new and emerging security vulnerabilities. Savvy users will see automated security updates as an important purchase consideration and may seek systems like the Google Nest Wi-Fi or Gryphon Smart Mesh System which have this security mechanism already in place.
  • Stronger Signal and Faster PerformanceWith a mesh network system, users no longer must worry about finding a spot in the house where the internet is strong. By nature, mesh networks provide a stronger signal and faster internet speed because the nodes do not rely on a single access point. Rather, the nodes communicate with each other to optimize coverage. The network determines which node would work best depending on the device location and delivers the signal through that access point quicker than if it were moving through a traditional router.

Adapting to the Latest in Cybersecurity

As security breaches, hacks, viruses, malware, and other digital threats have ramped up in their frequency and scale, high-profile individuals have never been at greater digital risk. In fact, the FBI has reported a 400% increase in cyberattacks in the months since the pandemic began. Now more than ever, there is an urgency for high-profile individuals to implement emerging technologies and savvy cybersecurity solutions to thwart impending risk.

A mesh network is a helpful tool in cybersecurity, but there are other factors to consider in protecting your home network. Whether or not you have a mesh network, staying vigilant with your home security is of great importance. Remember that outside visitors accessing your home network may have malicious intentions and attempt to infect your devices with malware or viruses. Consider setting up a guest Wi-Fi network which allows guests to access the internet, but not your home network.

In addition to equipping your home with a mesh network system, guarding your digital footprint should be a priority for high-profile people. From preventing identity theft to finding hacker entry points, BlackCloak serves as your Concierge Cybersecurity protection team. Learn more about how BlackCloak uses proprietary cybersecurity software and tools to protect high-net-worth individuals and their families from financial and reputational harm.