This week certain high-profile Twitter accounts were hacked and used in a cryptocurrency scheme. BlackCloak CEO Chris Pierson spoke to Bank Info Security about the importance of high-profile individuals securing their social accounts.

From Bank Info Security: “Several prominent business executives, politicians and celebrities, including former Vice President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, had their verified Twitter accounts hijacked Wednesday in what appears to be a cryptocurrency scam, according to multiple media reports and screen shots posted online…Although attackers have occasionally gained control of a prominent Twitter account before, this attack was notable due to the number of high-profile people and entities that were hijacked. The attack was so audacious in scale that it caused computer security experts to suspect it was likely a problem on Twitter’s side.”

While this attack maybe have been an “inside job,” Pierson reiterated the importance of two-factor authentication to secure accounts – social media, bank, everything. We give more advice on how to protect your social media accounts in this blog post: “Protect Your Social Media Accounts.”

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