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In DarkReading, Mike Janke Cites BlackCloak as an Example of a Good CyberSecurity Investment

In her article yesterday, “VC Investment in Cybersecurity Dips & Shifts with COVID-19,” Kelly Jackson Higgins of DarkReading talks about how the pandemic has emboldened investments in cybersecurity companies that address remote work. She cites research by DataTribe and interviews its co-founder and investment board member on his take on what’s happening.

“Permanent work-from-home opens the door for once-boutique technologies to become more mainstream. Take BlackCloak, a cybersecurity service for executives’ at-home technology, including their home networks. ‘Enterprises are buying it for their board and top 100 executives, [who] are becoming the new attack surface for nation-states,’ Janke says. ‘Why attack Exxon’s network when you can attack the CFO’s daughter’s iPad at home?'”

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