June 26, 2021 – Dr. Chris Pierson was quoted in the Gov Info Security article: “Group Behind SolarWinds Attack Targeted Microsoft Customers.”

The article talks about how the Russian-linked cyberespionage group behind the supply chain attack against SolarWinds recently targeted Microsoft’s customer support system as part of a new campaign.

Pierson says that it’s no surprise that Russian-linked activity has not died down, and organizations need to continue to focus on improving their cybersecurity defenses.

“The ability to successfully target the U.S. and other interests globally using credential stuffing and other spray attacks will only escalate,” Pierson says. “Unless dual-factor authentication is implemented globally on every account, these attacks will succeed. Unless companies have controls on every endpoint, patching, and other remote desktop protocol service accounts blocked, we’ll see successful intrusions.”

Read the full article here: https://www.govinfosecurity.com/group-behind-solarwinds-attack-targeted-microsoft-customers-a-16945