DarkReading interviews our CEO on the Apple FaceTime security exploit.

Apple has shut off Group FaceTime while it prepares a fix for a newly found security flaw found by a 14-year-old gamer.

The glaring security flaw in FaceTime that has rocked the Apple community since it went viral late yesterday was actually was first found on January 19 by a 14-year-old who stumbled upon it while setting up a group chat with friends playing Fortnite.

Apple disabled the Group FaceTime service yesterday, January 28, at 10:16 p.m. PDT, after word of the bug and a video of how to abuse it spread like wildfire over social media and caught the attention of security experts. And the company — which late yesterday said it will issue a patch for the bug this week — was a little late to the party: Michele Thompson, the mother of the teenage gamer, Grant, who found the flaw, told media that she attempted to contact Apple about the bug but got nowhere. She even tweeted about it on January 20 after not getting a response from Apple Support:

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