BLACKCLOAK’s CEO and Cybersecurity Expert Dr. Chris Pierson to Speak at RSA Conference

ORLANDO, Fla.Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — BLACKCLOAK, providers of concierge cybersecurity services to ultra/high-net-worth individuals and top C-Suite executives, today announced that its CEO & founder Dr. Chris Pierson will be giving two presentations at the upcoming RSA Conference on cybersecurity, which will take place March 4-8th in San Francisco.

Every year the RSA Conference brings together the best global cybersecurity minds to share their knowledge on emerging cybersecurity threats and solutions. Pierson’s expertise spans cybersecurity, privacy, law, and homeland security and his speeches this year will cover each of these fields.  “It is always a great privilege to engage with other thought leaders, CEOs, CISOs, and those in the entrepreneurial ecosystem at the conference,” said Pierson. “If you want to find cutting-edge technology and solutions providers, this is the place to be.” Having given over fifteen speeches at RSA in the past that push cybersecurity and privacy thought leadership to the next level, Pierson continues to be an RSA Conference “top-rated speaker.”

Pierson will be joined by members of a federal government agency as they explore the world of biometrics and facial recognition technologies – from a privacy, security, and national security perspective. “These topics of privacy and security intersect in many different technologies and none is riper for discussion that facial recognition,” said Pierson.  “As the technology improves and cloud computing democratizes access to algorithms that were out of reach in prior decades, the utility of facial recognition has moved from the movies to the mainstream.”

Separately, in a more immersive learning lab environment, Pierson and James Shreve from Thompson Coburn LLP will tackle the essential cybersecurity and privacy laws that every cybersecurity professional should know.  “Being able to provide the background on the past twenty years of cybersecurity and privacy law to a hand selected audience that will use this knowledge to better inform their companies is exciting,” Pierson said.

As for the current influx of attacks targeting his company’s clients, Pierson says, “These attacks have been ramping up as Internet of Things devices and poor personal cybersecurity allow for an attacker to capture bank accounts, credentials, and corporate secrets in the home. The threats and damage are real.”

More than 50,000 cybersecurity professionals attend RSA globally each year, making it the largest and most respected cybersecurity event in the world.

BLACKCLOAK provides concierge cybersecurity services to ultra/high-net-worth individuals to mitigate their financial, reputational, and privacy risks.

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